Week 9 SoCal Student Section Preview: (10/23/19)

We have a lot of rivalry games and we also have games where playoff hopes are on the line. 

For some of these student sections, they will look to make a splash and move up in the rankings, which comes out next month. 

Also, some of these student sections want to take one of the remaining five SoCal Student Section of the Week titles. 

Time is running out, but before we get to some key student section battles, let’s recap last week Student Section craze around the Southland.



We start in the Inland Empire where Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore came ready to go to watch their Titans take on…the Titans of Notre Dame of Riverside. 

It was a big Sunbelt League matchup and the Blue Hole went wild. Despite the 30-13 loss to Notre Dame.

Temescal Canyon took the IE bid over the La Quinta Birdcage!

In San Diego, we had a few student section battle for the SoCal bid. 

San Marcos Blue Crew is just eating wins as they kept the crazy at a 10 while Carlsbad Loud Crowd wants that San Diego three-peat!

Carlsbad could have had it, but the Holy Bowl got in their way with the Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego battling with St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego.

The battle in the stands matched the battle on the field. This is one of the better rivalries in San Diego.

The Dons took the 35-14 victory over St. Augustine and Los Locos went wild.

In Orange County, the Servite Asylum of Anaheim, Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point and Irvine Frontier put up crazy showings in the stands, but it was the student section that has been on tour this fall.

The Villa Park Black Pack continued their Road Show as they took on Canyon of Anaheim and the Canyon Tribe.

While it was tough to watch my Alma Mater take a tough 63-6 loss to the Spartans, the Black Pack did what they have been doing all year, get crazy and rattle their opponents. This road show has been impressive.

In the end, it was a student section from the Los Angeles Region, the South Hills Dawgpound that rocked it in a rivalry game called “The Kings of Cameron” as South Hills of West Covina took on West Covina. 


While the Huskies and Bulldogs battled on the gridiron, the Dawgpound had a back and forth battle with Bulldog Nation. 

Both student sections brought it, but the winner was the Huskies with a 42-13 victory.

Just because the Huskies won, doesn’t mean the Dawgpound got the upper hand, they deserved this and they took the LA bid over the Bulldog Nation and Valencia Viking Nation.

Finally the Final Four was set and with close to 2,000 votes, the Dawgpound took the Week 8 SoCal Student Section of the Week title, the first student section from the LA region to take that title this season.

Will we get a second LA student section to take it or will the Inland Empire add another winner? Only one way to find out and that to share your school spirit to the world. Let’s see what battles are ahead of us.




Chaparral of Temecula (Green Fanatics) at Temecula Valley (Gold Zone), Friday, 7pm

The Fanatics was doing great on social media, but they have disappeared recently. They will be needed in a wild Southwestern League. Anything can happen. One thing that hasn’t happened that often is social media presence from the Gold Zone. When your social media game is at Great Oak level, that’s not good (I hope Great Oak read that, so they can prove me wrong). The Gold Zone should be hyped after the Golden Bears big victory last week. They keep saying they have a great student section, but they never show it on social media. That’s like if I said I have a Master’s Degree, but no proof of the diploma. They better show up and show off to the SoCal Student Section world. 

Damien of La Verne (The Pit) at Etiwanda (Red Zone), Friday, 7pm 

The Pit is normally known for their craziness during basketball season, but they do show up in the fall. The Spartans need a big win and perhaps the Pit will be road warriors in a must win game for Damien. Meanwhile, the Red Zone has done a great job in the stands and on social media. They love showing off their student sections and I look for them to be the top student section in the Inland Empire. Plus, the Eagles want to get another win in the Baseline League, something that isn’t easy to get. Don’t disappoint Red Zone.

Rancho Mirage (The Snake Pit) at Shadow Hills of Indio (The Dungeon), Friday, 7pm   

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Shadow Hills is in a must win type of situation as they look to stay alive for a playoff spot. They will need the Dungeon to shake up the Pit, but mainly the Rattlers. The Dungeon does a great job in working the social media part of this student section game. Hopefully, the Snake Pit will hit the road and cheer on Rancho Mirage. If they can follow what the Dungeon is doing in social media, they will get the same love the Dungeon is getting.

Citrus Valley of Redlands (Hawks Nest) at Cajon of San Bernardino (Cowboy Nation), Friday, 7pm

This is a big Citrus Belt League game and we expect both student sections to show up. Now, I am not sure what both student section names are as both their social media game is…well, pretty awful. My guess is as good as yours, but this game will decide the league champ and we expect this game to be a fun one. Hopefully, these two student sections can show off their school spirit.

Los Osos of Rancho Cucamonga (Grizzly Nation) at Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Rooters), Friday, 7pm

Sometimes, I avoid talking about student sections that won the SoCal Student Section of the week award, but how can I ignore this game? The battle for bragging rights in Rancho Cucamonga and both student sections are two of the best in the Inland Empire. Both student sections know how to market themselves and while neither can win another SoCal Student Section of the Week award, we still have our Inland Empire Top 25 Rankings and both student section will look to make their case. Bring your popcorn on Friday.



Mater Dei of Santa Ana (The Den) at St. John Bosco of Bellflower (The Tribe), Friday, 7:30pm

The biggest game in the Nation will be in the Southland. While this is a road game, the Den shouldn’t miss this game. If they show up, they’ll let us know as they have improved their social media game this year. The Tribe on the other hand, hasn’t had an opportunity to show off in the stands, but this is an amazing chance for them to blow it up and let everyone know that Bosco football has a sidekick. The Tribe will be blowing up Twitter on Friday and I’ll be waiting.

Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks (The Castle) at Bishop Amat of La Puente (Dawgpound), Friday, 7pm 

The Dawgpound last home game got moved to a Saturday and yours truly was going to attend it. They asked if I showed up another time, time which I don’t have. Turns out, they showed up that Saturday. What gives guys?! I won’t hold it against you or at least i’ll try not to. We know they want to defend their title as the LA Student Section of the year and in an important Mission League game. The Dawgpound will show up and show off. While the Castle may not make it on the road, I sometimes wonder if they show up for their home games? 

Walnut (The Stable) at West Covina (Bulldog Nation), Friday, 7pm

This could be the Bulldogs best chance to win a game and Bulldog Nation knows it. They will look to rock it the same way they rocked it last week. Bulldog Nation will be ready in case The Stable shows up for a road game. Bulldog Nation works social media very well and nothing will be different on Friday. 

West Ranch of Valencia (The Pack) vs. Hart of Newhall (The Tribe) at Valencia, Friday, 7pm 

The Wildcats need to win this one to set up a Foothill League championship game next week. You better believe The Pack will show up. Like The Tribe, both student sections have improved in showing off their school spirit on Twitter. Hopefully there won’t be slip up in that category because we would love to see the fanatics on a Friday up north!

Cathedral of Los Angeles (Phantom Nation) at Crespi of Encino (Crespi Cabana), Friday, 7pm 

This is an important Angelus League game and I expect the Cabana to bring their A game. If they do, feel free to let us know. They’ve only posted one video this year. I know Cathedral has a small student section, but you never know, they might show up for a road game. 



Orange (The Juice Box) vs. Calvary Chapel of Santa Ana at Segerstrom of Santa Ana, Thursday, 7pm

The Juice Box made their social media debut and have exploded from the gate and so much so that I’ve decided to make the trip to check them out on Thursday. Orange won’t take Calvary Chapel lightly and plus, a win here sets up an Orange Coast League title game against Santa Ana next week. The Juice Box will be ready for both games. Just as long as they know who to send their photos and videos to, they should be fine and nothing is worse than being missed out on in these articles.

San Clemente (Loud Crowd) at Mission Viejo (Diablo Inferno), Friday, 7pm

The South Coast League championship game once again runs through these two teams. Mission Viejo is looking for revenge and the Tritons know it. The Loud Crowd will make the trip and battle with the Diablo Inferno. I don’t need to pep talk these student sections, they know how to market themselves. The Loud Crowd has been tough after taking some heat for something they had nothing to do with, but they have been professional about the situation and look to get back on track in the student section game.

Corona del Mar of Newport Beach (Kings Krew) at Newport Harbor of Newport Beach (Tarpit), Friday, 7pm

The Battle at the Bay, one of Orange County’s Greatest Rivalries. The Kings Krew has been consistent and their leaders are amazing. I wish I could say the same to the Tarpit. The Tarpit had a little run where they packed the stands and looked like one of the OC best…then they disappeared. The Tarpit leaders try their best to market their student section, but they can only do so much. The Tarpit needs to step up in this battle in the stands as it will look to match the intensity on the field. Plus, do you really want the Kings Krew to control your home? Better bring it Tarpit!

Edison of Huntington Beach (The MESS) vs. Fountain Valley (The Kingdom) at Orange Coast College of Costa Mesa, Friday, 7pm 

The Battle for the Bell is always a fun one to watch on the field and in the stands. The Barons will need all the help they can get to stay with Edison and the Kingdom will look to provide that. If they can work the same social media magic that the Mighty Edison Student Section does, then they’ll get the recognition they want. It is going to be tough to match the MESS rowdy kids. The MESS gets messy and they work a fantastic marketing game. 

Villa Park (Black Pack) at Yorba Linda (The Stable), 7pm 

This one is for the Crestview League title. This game is a toss up, but the Spartans have an edge with their student section. The road warriors, the Black Pack will continue their fall tour and handle business. The Mustangs will hope the Stable can match that and perhaps match the same social media game that the Black Pack has, which is one of the best in SoCal.



Carlsbad (Loud Crowd) at La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm

This one is for bragging rights in the city of Carlsbad. The Loud Crowd, the two-time defending San Diego Football Student Section Champion, will look for the three-peat and in order to do that, they must do what they did last week. If it weren’t for the Holy Bowl down South, they would have easily been the San Diego nominee last week. While they fell short, it beats what the Stampede has done this year. No disrespect to LCC, but the Loud Crowd is in another world. If the Stampede can rock the stands and show it off to everyone, they may get the same love we give the Loud Crowd. Plus, the Mavericks need someone to pump them up in this big Avocado League matchup.

Rancho Bernardo of San Diego (The Stampede) at Vista (Panther Pit), Friday, 7pm 

The Palomar League championship is on the line and the Broncos need some help to buck the Panthers off the top of the standings. The Stampede is a great student section, but we can’t give them top credit if they don’t show us how great they are. The same goes for the Panther Pit. This is going to be a great game, no doubt, but the student sections will have to step up their marketing game up, big time.

St. Augustine of San Diego (Saints Pit) vs. Madison of San Diego (Hawks Nest) at Mesa College of San Diego, Friday, 6:30pm 

I have a trustworthy source in San Diego that told me that The Saints Pit is one of the best. I’ll take his word, but they better improve their social media game. It’s not like it’s nonexistent, but they rarely show off. Also, it’s better than the Madison student section. I’m not sure if they have one. They better show me proof. If they do have one, they better show up and rattle the Saints.

Oceanside at Torrey Pines of San Diego (TP CHAOS), Friday, 7:15pm

We know the Chaos goes pretty wild and they will have to as the Falcons look to finish strong before the postseason. The Chaos knows how to market themselves whereas Oceanside hides everything and I am guessing their student section is on the same boat. Oceanside will need the help and hopefully their student section can travel or this will be a disadvantage by kickoff.

Del Norte of San Diego (Hawks Nest) at Mt. Carmel of San Diego (Red Sea), Friday, 7pm

The Sundevils are going to have to win out to sneak in the playoffs and these last two games are winnable games. They’re going to need the help of the Red Sea. The Red Sea shows up on Twitter every now and then which is nice because despite not having a powerhouse of a football team, they still show up. Maybe it’s time they rattle the San Diego student section world this Friday and to do that, they shall share with us their school spirit. The same for the Hawks Nest. Both teams are on the same boat. Well, Del Norte student section hasn’t made a public appearance so far this season.