Week Zero SoCal Student Section of the Week: Los Alamitos Los Locos

What a fantastic start to the 2019 SoCal Student Section season.

Some student section made some huge first impressions in the 2019 football season.

Normally, I have a hard time finding a good student section to nominate for the SoCal Final Four voting for Student Section of the week, but this time, the problem was figuring out which fantastic student section would miss the cut.

Student Sections like the Bishop Amat Dawgpound, The Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Rooters, South Hills Dawgpound, Capo Valley Cage, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd and Los Osos Grizzly Nation made a great showing, but missed the Final Four for this week. We should see them as a finalist once or twice or thrice this season.

Making the Final Four in the San Diego Region was the Torrey Pines Chaos of San Diego, which had to defend their house with Los Alamitos Los Locos invading Torrey Pines High.

I’ll be honest, Los Locos owned the road trip, but you can’t discredit the show The Chaos, ranked No. 1 in the San Diego Football Student Section Preseason Rankings, put up. We’ll see them back in the Weekly Final Four soon.

Meanwhile in the Inland Empire, the Etiwanda Red Zone brought in cheers and loud noise for their new coach as the Eagles defeated Heritage of Menifee 21-18. Pretty big victory against a great football program. The Red Zone, ranked No. 13 in the Inland Empire Top 25 Preseason Football Student Section Rankings, brought their A game and we shall see a improved student section this year.

In only my fourth year covering Student Section all over Southern California, it takes some time to find the best student sections in this very large region. West Covina Bulldog Nation was one of those student section that never popped in my Twitter feed or was never mentioned from others.

Bulldog Nation, which wasn’t ranked in the Los Angeles Preseason Football Student Section Top 25 Rankings, made a fantastic showing despite a tough 28-14 loss to Monrovia. Streamers and a rowdy student section were the ingredients at West Covina as Bulldog Nation has finally left a print with SoCal Student Sections. We expect Bulldog Nation to show up in the Weekly Final Four.

In the end, it was the student section that drove from Los Alamitos to San Diego on a Friday. That is not an easy drive. They brought a good number of students to a far away road game. Mad props.

Speaking of props, I was covering the Corona del Mar of Newport Beach/Downey game for the Orange County Register, but apparently I went to Torrey Pines with Los Locos as a member of this amazing student section as proof in the creepy, but hilarious photo of “me” inside the Los Locos spirit bus.

Los Locos brought the TP to TP, very creative. They also brought the noise and danced, while also putting me on someones shoulders and having me crowd surf.

Los Locos did it again with their insane ideas and crazy school spirit. I heard that the Manny-quin Challenge will continue all season. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Once the Final Four got in, the voting started and the West Covina Bulldog Nation for to work with a big lead, but in the end with over 3,800 votes, Los Locos took the lead and for their insane efforts this past weekend on the road, Los Alamitos Los Locos is the Week Zero SoCal Student Section of the Week.

We spoke with Los Locos on what it took to take the first weekly title of the 2019 Football season.


You guys are the Week One So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out the West Covina Bulldog Nation, Etiwanda Red Zone and Torrey Pines Chao. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California? 

Los Locos: Lots of brainstorming, planning, and coming up with ideas no one else has done before. We really went down to TP and gave it our all. Distance was no matter to our Locos, students came ready to cheer on their team. We tried coming up with new unique ideas, such as TP @ TP and Rollin in on Scooters and Skateboards. 

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section? 

Los Locos: Our most memorable game we have attended was last year’s homecoming football game. The parting of the Los Al Red Sea by the younger brother of the original student who first parted the Red Sea ignited everyone in attendance. He parted Los Al with a red smoke bomb which made our student section as a whole have amazing energy. 

Favorite theme? 

Los Locos: As spirit commissioners, we love the USA theme because there is so much you can do with it.Our community loves honoring those who serve while having a great time in the student section. Veterans and First Responders support us so why not give them the thanks they deserve while rocking the student section. 

Favorite chant? 

Los Locos: As a student section, we love the P-A-R-T-Y chant, as it creates a great, party-like atmosphere on our side. 

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym? 

Los Locos: Any cheers that get personal or put other teams down. We’re all at the game for a good time and love to keep it fun. 

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?” 

Los Locos: As ASB, our biggest competition has been Villa Park Black Pack and we appreciate the respectful rivalry. Can’t wait to see what they have in store this year.