2019-2020 Los Angeles Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings

With SoCal Student Sections in its second year covering student sections, some student sections don’t discover you until late in the season.

Some student sections haven’t been told that marketing yourselves on social media is extremely important. Hopefully as we grow, student sections will take note.

In the meantime, we can’t punish those student sections, especially the ones my podcast co-host Chris Hulme or myself see in person.

This season we have 14 student sections that weren’t in the Top 25 Rankings this season that weren’t there last year. Again, as we are growing and student sections are discovering us, the list will change.

With a large number of student sections in the Los Angeles and Ventura areas, some fantastic student section missed the cut. Student sections like the Newbury Park Panther Pit, the Royal Kingdom of Simi Valley, the Viewpoint Navy of Calabasas, the Notre Dame Castle of Sherman Oaks and the Loyola Pride of Los Angeles would have made the list in a couple of regions in SoCal, but again this region is deep.

Enough typing, let’s checkout the Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings and name our new winner!




1. St. Anthony Saints Pit of Long Beach (Last Year: Not Ranked)



The Saints Pit may not have that strong social media presence, but when you see them in person, you can’t ignore that crazy and intense school spirit and support they have for their basketball team. The Pit is loud and they have some extreme members of the student section.

Good luck trying to make your free throws on the road because the Pit will rattle you. You can’t focus with newspaper flowing faster than the Pit can hold it. I’ve never seen a student section wave crutches in the air to distract a shooter, but the Pit pulled it off.

Hopefully we see the Saints Pit on social media, but take my word for it, this is a crazy student section and they are the Los Angeles Basketball Student Section of the Year!


2. Havard-Westlake Fanatics of Studio City (Last Year: 8)


While the social media is non-existent, the word on the street has always been true. This is a loud and insane/intense student section. They can travel for the big games and can hang with any student section. 

3. St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower (Last Year: 2)

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The Tribe is a fantastic student section and even if they have small numbers on the road, they still travel, which is not the norm for many student sections. The small road warriors make up for it by being savage and loud in the visitors section. When you have top quality athletes, you’re going to show up to every game and cheer on your classmates!


4. Chaminade Cage of West Hills (Last Year: 3)

The Cage showed off their school spirit and was inconsideration for the LA title and with a solid basketball squad, it is no wonder why the Cage was packed and crazy!

5. Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente (Last Year: 19)


The Lancers battled in the Camino Real League this season and they got a boost from the Dawgpound. The Dawgpound filled up the gym and showed off their school spirit. Very impressive! If you’re a new student section looking for notes, the Dawgpound is the model student section to follow! Great school spirit!


6. Oxnard Swarm (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Swarm has made a strong impression in the second half of the season. The Swarm crashed the party and with a basketball that was spitting hot fire all season, it’s no surprise that the student section came ready to see a show on the court! The favor was returned for the Yellowjackets as they also got a show in the stands.

7. Bishop Montgomery Swaglet of Torrance (Last Year: 1)


The leaders of the Swaglet handled business this year the same way the Knights handled business on the court. If the rest of the Swaglet can follow their leaders, they could return to the top spot next season.


8. St. Francis Dungeon of La Canada (Last Year: 9)


The Dungeon is enjoying a fantastic season from the Golden Knights and the Golden Knights have appreciated them, including Golden Knights coach Todd Wolfson, who has expressed his gratitude for the Dungeon. 


9. San Marcos Pride of Santa Barbara (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Pride is an amazing student section and they know how to rock it at home games. A very entertaining student section and it matches the talents on the hardwood.


10. Peninsula Zoo of Rolling Hills Estates (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Zoo showed off their student section on social media and I’m sold on how insane this student section is. The Zoo isn’t just a creative name. It’s a real Zoo in here!


11. Thousand Oaks Green Hole (Last Year: 5)


While this wasn’t the basketball season the Lancers had hoped for, their spirits were lifted with the crazy Green Hole. This isn’t your ordinary student section. They’re crazy and savage and go after the social media game as well. 


12. Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills (Last Year: Not Ranked)


We saw bits and pieces of the Warzone on social media and it is an improvement from last year. They’re active on social media, but if they can show off the student section, they could move up in the rankings. 


13. Crespi Cabana of Encino (Last Year: 4)


The Cabana is always an insane group of students that shows up for their brothers no matter the outcome of the season. 


14. Palos Verdes Red Tide of Palos Verdes Estates (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Red Tide knows how to run the social media game and they know how to show off their school spirit. With a basketball team that is keeping their winning ways alive, the Red Tide has followed suit and packed the gym with their unique outfits.


15. Valencia Viking Nation (Last Year: 15)


Viking Nation picked off where they left off from football season and the same can be said for their basketball team. Viking Nation is a crazed bunch.


16. Los Altos Splash Zone of Hacienda Heights (Last Year: 6)


Even after the Jarod Lucas era ended, the Splash Zone still splashed its way in the rankings as Los Altos defended their Hacienda League title. Despite the social media game taking a backseat this season, Splash Zone is always a crazy group!


17. Oaks Christian Lions Den of Westlake Village (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Despite the tough season for Oaks Christian, the Lions Den still showed up and showed their love for the Lions. Win or Lose, the Den still shows off their school spirit.


18. Walnut Stable (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Stable works a fantastic social media game and without their marketing, they would have missed the cut. Social media can be your best friend sometimes and they sold me on their school spirit this season.


19. Birmingham Patriot Pack of Lake Balboa (Last Year: Not Ranked)


I love the Patriot Pack and I always considered them one of the best student section in the CIF-LA City Section. With a consistent winner during basketball season, you can bet that the Pack follows suit and they’ve shown that on social media.


20. Highland Dawgpound of Palmdale (Last Year: Not Ranked)


With the Bulldogs winning year after year, you bring in a winning student section and the Dawgpound has followed suit this season.


21. Providence Wild Wagon of Burbank (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Wild Wagon is a small student section, but they can bring it and they can also bring it on the road. This is indeed a Wild student section!


22. Sacred Heart Comet Crazies of Los Angeles (Last Year: Not Ranked)


While this is a small student section, they make it up for it with their craziness in the stands. This all girls student section can hang with the best of them!

23. Redondo Union of Redondo Beach Flock (Last Year: Not Ranked)



We’ve seen bits and pieces of the Flock and with another successful season for the Seahawks, the Flock showed up. If this student section can improve their social media game, they will definitely move way up.


24. St. Bonaventure Gates of Heaven of Ventura (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Seraphs went undefeated in the Tri-Valley League and that is more than enough motivation to fill the Gates of Heaven, which is also a solid student section.


25. Brentwood Eagles Nest of Los Angeles (Last Year: 13)


This student section is always insane. The Eagles Nest has maintained the crazy this year.