2019 Final SoCal Football Student Section Top 25 Rankings

What a year for the Student Section this football season.

We have eight new student sections in our SoCal Top 25 and this seems to be the theme this season.

With Student Section craze on the rise, new student sections have pop up. Well, they aren’t new, but new to the Social Media world.

In order to be the best and be recognized with the best, you have show off your school spirit.

We saw insane themes and fog machines galore.

Places like Party City owe a big thank you to these student sections you’re about to see in this list.

The fog machine was a big thing as well as the streamers and we know that because the best student sections showed it off.

We expect next football season to go wild in the stands and for the student sections that missed out on this list or feel they should be higher on this list, remember, basketball student section is pretty much underway and we’ll have a Preseason SoCal Basketball Student Section Rankings in a few weeks.

Hopefully those student sections prove us wrong, but let’s reward our 25 best Football Student Sections in the Southland.

Here is our Final 2019 Southern California Football Student Section Rankings.

Enjoy and we’ll see you on the hardwood!



1. Los Alamitos Locos (Last Year: 5th)


2. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (Last Year: 8th)

Despite the positive things i’ve said about this student section, this wasn’t easy.

The Rancho Rooters equaled the intensity and school spirit the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures. 

The BBC put on a fantastic show in the stands. This student section provided entertainment that can match NCAA crowds. The school spirit is overwhelming and amazing.

Every play, the Vista BBC got loud and rattled every opponent and they showed it off on social media every week.

The Week 3 SoCal Student Section of the Week winner also took another title, the 2019 Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year.

3. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (Last Year: 4th)

We have a Student Section Dynasty on our hands.

There was a moment where the four student sections behind them battled for this spot, but the Loud Crowd showed up on social media and shared their insane ideas while letting everyone know that there is no empty spot in the Loud Crowd section of the stadium. The streamers were a weekly thing and the Loud Crowd came up with great ideas. The Week 10 SoCal Student Section of the Week Champs also had a reason to go wild as their Lancers came close from taking a CIF title.

While Carlsbad came a touchdown short, The Loud Crowd took a title for the third straight year in a row as they are the 2019 San Diego Football Student Section of the Year.

4. Valencia Viking Nation (Last Year: Not Ranked)

I’ve seen this student section a few times in the past and it was always a smaller student section, Loud, but smaller than usual. This year was different. Viking Nation packed the stands and rocked it this season. Even some celebrities like NFL legend Tony Gonzalez and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showing up to a game. If you can get Bezos to invest in SoCal Student Sections, that would be great. Anyway, Viking Nation improved a lot of and exceeded expectations and for that, the Valencia Viking Nation took not only the Week 10 SoCal Student Section of the Week honors, but the 2019 Los Angeles Football Student Section of the Year!

5. Rancho Cucamonga Rooters (Last Year: 1st)

Probably one of the rowdiest student sections out there, the Rancho Rooters went nuts this season and showed the stadium in purple with the Cougars taking the Baseline League title. The Rancho Rooters took a title of their own in Week 1 with a SoCal Student Section of the Week. It was tough to keep them out of the top spot this year, but their love for their Cougars didn’t go unnoticed. It is a no brainer every year in keeping the Rancho Rooters at the top of the IE and SoCal list. Fantastic student section.

6. Bishop Amat of La Puente Dawgpound (Last Year: 3rd)

The Dawgpound is back at the top of the list and for good reason. This is a dynasty of a student section every football year. The Dawgpound is a crazy student section and you never know what they plan to pull off. The streamers are the lightest thing they have done. The Dawgpound can go pretty crazy on everyone and they show it off online. When you have a football program that is up there with the best every year, you have to duplicate that in the stands. 

7. San Marcos Blue Crew (Last Year: 20th)

The Blue Crew social media game was huge and they showed off their school spirit and craziness in the stands. Despite a tough year for the Knights, the Blue Crew showed up and went wild. While not taking a SoCal Student Section of the Week title, they got recognized as a finalist several times. They came very close from taking the top spot in San Diego this football season.

8. Mission Hills of San Marcos Growl Crowd (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Growl Crowd improved their social media game this season and the reward was the Week 2 SoCal Student Section of the Week title. The Grizzlies improved this season, which means the Growl Crowd had plenty to go growl about. BIg year for Mission Hills!

9. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (Last Year: Not Ranked)

This student section improved their social media and showed off their school spirit. The fog machine and the t-shirt cannon went off this season and so did the Diablos, which the Inferno enjoyed! Everyone was en fuego at Mission Viejo!

10. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (Last Year: 10th)

The Asylum comes up with the greatest theme ideas. This savage student section had a Coach Troy Thomas theme, a Pink Out in October, a White Out and an Area 51 Theme. The Asylum also knows how to rattle other student sections and opposing players to the point where those said opposing players show appreciation towards the Asylum! This is a Dynasty of a Student Section!

11. Cathedral Catholic of San Diego Los Locos (Last Year: 14th)

Los Locos showed up again, but what propelled them was their homecoming game was off the hook. Fireworks and flames makes sense as the Dons and Los Locos spit that hot fire this season.

12. St. John Bosco of Bellflower (Last Year: 13th)

The Tribe enjoyed another fantastic season and showed it with a list of crazy antics. The Braves loved their student section and both got to enjoy the moment on Saturday in a comeback victory over Mater Dei of Santa Ana. The Tribe jumped out of the stands to celebrate. This crazy student section capped off another crazy year. 

13. Centennial of Corona Dawgpound (Last Year: 11th)

The Dawgpound was quiet on social media, more so compared to last year, but they blew it up in the later part of the season to stay the course at No. 3. The Dawgpound enjoys having one of the best football programs in the state year after year. The reward was taking the last SoCal Student Section of the Week for 2019.

14. Chaminade of West Hills Cage (Last Year: 12th)

This student section is as crazy as their blue football field. The Cage enjoyed the season which included a trip to the CIF-SS Division II Finals. Craziness in the stands and apparently in the parking lot with some tables that didn’t ask to be broken. Leave that to the Buffalo Bills fans!

15. Villa Park Black Pack (Last Year: 2nd)

The Black Pack had the tough task of defending their OC Title with all road games in 2019. With their home stadium under construction, the Black Pack showed up and packed every visiting stadium for their Spartans. We know they showed up because of their insane social media work. The marketing of this student section was non-stop. The Black Pack gets their home back and should battle again for the top spot in 2020!

16. Palm Desert Aztec Army (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Social Media is so important in the Student Section game and the Aztec Army proved that. Not on the list last year, the Aztec Army crashed the student section party when they took the Week 6 SoCal Student Section of the Week title. The social media game didn’t end there as the Aztec Army showed off their love for Palm Desert. A very much improved year for the Aztec Army and that deserves a slow clap!

17. Murrieta Mesa Beast (Last Year: 22nd)

The Beast came away with another fantastic showing this season as they stay with the best once again. The Beast is one of the best at home games and showed off on the road as well. I know because I saw them at Vista Murrieta and they’re a loud and rowdy bunch!

18. Edison of Huntington Beach MESS (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Invest in a broom when this student section comes to town. The MESS improved in the stands and on social media. The MESS got wild and are an aggressive student section. Expect mosh pits when you’re inside the Mighty Edison Student Section. The streamer salesman in Huntington Beach made bank from this student section as they were used to the max this year! Stay Messy my friends!

19. St. Augustine of San Diego Saints Pit (Last Year: 16th)

This is a crazy student section that showed up for their brothers. A fantastic season for the Saints means a fantastic student section showing from the Pit.

20. South Hills of West Covina Dawgpound (Last Year: 6th)

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The Week 8 SoCal Student Section of the Week Champs showed off once again, especially when they became the Kings of Cameron in a victory over West Covina. I checked out this student section and they are a rowdy and crazy group of kids. Another fantastic season for the Dawgpound!

21. San Juan Hills of San Juan Capistrano (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Stampede knows how to hype up the home crowd at the Badlands. Word of mouth is helpful and in this case, the feedback on the Stampede was amazing. If they can work on a consistent student section to go along with some road games, this could be the 2020 OC Champ next year! The Stampede has potential to be a SoCal beast! 

22. Great Oak of Temecula Red Wave (Last Year: 19th)

This is one of those student sections that I pushed to improve their social media game, something that I rarely, if ever do. I know this student section is amazing and with some proof (and maybe I should make the trip to check them out!), this could be a student section that can take this title next year. The videos and photos I saw from this year shows me that this student section can still rock it. I’m rooting for the Red Wave as they will look to take the IE crown next year.

23. Torrey Pines of San Diego Chaos (Last Year: 7th)

It was a challenging season for the Falcons, but the Chaos showed their love and support for Torrey Pines. The Chaos social media game showed up this season and proved every that they’re on top of their game again.

24. Hart of Newhall Tribe (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Tribe brought their A game in the stands and on social media. No need to check them out in person when they show it off. A fantastic showing from the Indians this season, which was duplicated from the Tribe!

25. JSerra of San Juan Capistrano Pride (Last Year: Not Ranked)

One of the best home student section out there, the Pride went nuts and that is an understatement. The Pride got a little help from Father Damien, who crowd surfed in the stands and pumped up the crowd. The Pride matched Father Damien intensity. If the Pride can work on that social media game, they could be a favorite next season for the top spot.