2019 Orange County Top 25 Football Student Section Rankings

The student section game has improved drastically and the Orange County pretty much wrote the script on how you’re supposed to make the Student Section game competitive.

In order to make this a competition, social media marketing needs to be consistent. If you want to get recognized week after week, you need to share it and let everyone know you’re the best. Plus, it sounds like school leaders have made friendships. Who knew?!

No social media game means you may be missed. Like a tree falling with no one around, it makes no noise.

While we moved from a Top 20 Ranking to a Top 25 Ranking list, we added five new student sections to the list and only two more student sections make the list after missing out last year, so we had some consistency this season.

Now, this list wasn’t done by just yours truly. Our arch-nemes.., err, I mean our friends over at OC Student Sections came in for a second opinion. With their help, we made some adjustments to our list. If you have any complaints, feel free to talk to them. Joking by the way!

The student section game was strong this year that we have to recognize five other student sections that barely missed the cut. Student Sections like Orange Lutheran Code Red, Esperanza of Anaheim Hut, Northwood of Irvine Den, Brea Olinda Den and Huntington Beach Oil Pit were noticed and it hurts to not add them on the Top 25.

As mentioned, what might be a must for the Student Section game to work is promoting your school spirit every week on social media. Consistency is key and so is being positive and being smart. Avoiding a chant or putting up a sign that could be offensive that could hurt your student section, your school and community is a must. Luckily, we didn’t see much of that this year.

Most of these student sections rocked the social media game and we expect more student sections to market themselves in the future. Let’s reward these student sections and name a new Orange County Football Student Section of the Year.





1. Los Alamitos Locos (Last Year: 2nd)


I get the feeling the Locos stole the blue print on how to run the perfect student section.

Pack the stands, check. Crazy themes, check. Work a strong social media game, check. Got everyone involved at Los Alamitos, check. Take the first SoCal Student Section of the Week title of the 2019 Football season, check!

What I loved about the Locos is the they had some help from Manny-quin, a mannequin with my face on it. It that wasn’t enough, the big heads of myself and my colleagues at the OC Register. 

The parting of the Red Sea and the infamous roller coaster was just the tip of the iceberg. The consistency in everything they do gets you a reward and the reward is the 2019 Orange County Football Student Section Title. Los Alamitos Locos takes the crown! 


2. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (Last Year: 14th)


This student section improved their social media and showed off their school spirit. The fog machine and the t-shirt cannon went off this season and so did the Diablos, which the Inferno enjoyed! Everyone was en fuego at Mission Viejo!


3. Servite of Anaheim Asylum (Last Year: 4th)


The Asylum comes up with the greatest theme ideas. This savage student section had a Coach Troy Thomas theme, a Pink Out in October, a White Out and an Area 51 Theme. The Asylum also knows how to rattle other student sections and opposing players to the point where those said opposing players show appreciation towards the Asylum! This is a Dynasty of a Student Section!


4. Villa Park Black Pack (Last Year: 1st)


The Black Pack had the tough task of defending their OC Title with all road games in 2019. With their home stadium under construction, the Black Pack showed up and packed every visiting stadium for their Spartans. We know they showed up because of their insane social media work. The marketing of this student section was non-stop. The Black Pack gets their home back and should battle again for the top spot in 2020!


5. Edison of Huntington Beach MESS (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Invest in a broom when this student section comes to town. The MESS improved in the stands and on social media. The MESS got wild and are an aggressive student section. Expect mosh pits when you’re inside the Mighty Edison Student Section. The streamer salesman in Huntington Beach made bank from this student section as they were used to the max this year! Stay Messy my friends!


6. San Juan Hills of San Juan Capistrano Stampede (Last Year: 15th)


The Stampede knows how to hype up the home crowd at the Badlands. Word of mouth is helpful and in this case, the feedback on the Stampede was amazing. If they can work on a consistent student section to go along with some road games, this could be the 2020 OC Champ next year! The Stampede has potential to be a SoCal beast! 


7. JSerra of San Juan Capistrano Pride (Last Year: 7th)


One of the best home student section out there, the Pride went nuts and that is an understatement. The Pride got a little help from Father Damien, who crowd surfed in the stands and pumped up the crowd. The Pride matched Father Damien intensity. If the Pride can work on that social media game, they could be a favorite next season for the top spot.


8. San Clemente Loud Crowd (Last Year: 13th)


The Loud Crowd was just that, Loud! This student section improved their social media game in big ways and threw a show in the stands. What I liked about this student section is that they were professional with an earlier situation at a game in which they had no fault in. They took it and regrouped. Well done Loud Crowd!


9. Tesoro of Rancho Santa Margarita Titan Army (Last Year: 16th)


The Titan Army improved a lot and look to move up next season. One of the two OC Student Section to take the SoCal Student Section of the Week title, in Week 4. The Titan Army brought it big this season and it showed. 


10. Corona del Mar Kings of Newport Beach Krew (Last Year: 12th)


I’ve seen this student section and they know how to entertain the students. With the DJ, the beach balls, and the banner going up and down the stands, this student section kept the noise up with a fantastic football squad on the field. The leaders that filled in when needed are young, so they should be ready to bring their A game next season.


11. El Modena of Orange Rowdy Rooters (Last Year: 11th)


The Rowdy Rooters had the tough task in traveling all year, but they accomplished the tough task and showed everyone how crazy they can be. It helps when Elmo from Sesame Street is your mascot. With their home stadium back up in 2020, the Rowdy Rooters should move up!


12. Dana Hills of Dana Point Pod Squad (Last Year: 18th)


It would take a lot to top what the Pod Squad did in 2018, but they did just that. The Pod Squad united the community and was on fire the entire year. That makes sense when the Dolphins caught fire to start the season. 


13. Santa Margarita or Rancho Santa Margarita Eagles Nest (Last Year: 5th)


With the Eagles playing a tough schedule, they needed a prayer for some help. Luckily the Eagles Nest had the Pope in the stands or we think it was the Pope. The Eagles Nest brought back the craziness this season!


14. Capistrano Valley of Mission Viejo Cage (Last Year: 3rd)


The Cage kept the hype up for the Cougars despite Capo Valley in rebuilding mode. The Cage didn’t mind as they were nuts no matter what the score entailed.


15. Newport Harbor of Newport Beach Tarpit (Last Year: Not Ranked)


When this student section showed up, they had a party and cheered on their Sailors! The only problem was when they showed up, so some games were quiet. Nevertheless, the Tarpit improved this season and we expect them to keep moving up!


16. Sunny Hills of Fullerton Lancer Nation (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Lancer Nation noticed their Lancers caught fire, so they shared some of that fire in the stands and have brought it in the playoffs to make it on the list! Lancer Nation should rinse and repeat the late season heroics into 2020.


17. Foothill of Santa Ana Dungeon (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Dungeon is back! With a red hot Knights squad, the Dungeon showed up and rocked the stands. The Dungeon leaders were very unique and were noticed the entire season.


18. Trabuco Hills of Mission Viejo Stampede (Last Year: Not Ranked)


So mid-season, this student section get quiet, but the in the beginning and end of the season, this is a hot student section. The weird bunch enjoyed a much improved season from the Mustangs. Hopefully the Stampede keeps it up and stays consistent on social media. If they do that, they’ll keep moving on up.


19. St. Margaret’s of San Juan Capistrano Kitchen (Last Year: 9th)


The Kitchen is a small student section that can match the weirdness with any of the large student sections! We didn’t see much of them this season compared to 2018, but the times we saw them, they were a crazy bunch.


20. El Dorado of Placentia Hawks Nest (Last Year: 17th)


The Hawks Nest is a unique group and I should know because I saw them in person. These odd balls kept the crowd going in a tough year with a tough schedule for the Golden Hawks. No matter what, the Hawks Nest love their team.


21. La Habra Clan (Last Year: 10th)


The Clan got quiet at first, something that is a rarity with this social media monster. New leaders in that department, so it took some time to show it off and once they did, it propelled them back on the list as this student section is just as good as the prior student sections at La Habra. The Clan should jump back up in the rankings as they match the talents on the field.


22. Portola of Irvine Dawgpound (Last Year: Not Ranked)

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We may have a new monster in the student section world. The Dawgpound broke in and showed off their student section. This will only go up from here on out for the Dawgpound and the same can be said for the Bulldogs.


23. Irvine Frontier (Last Year: 6th)


While this was a rebuilding year for the Vaqueros, it was still the same rowdy Frontier. Win or loss, the Frontier showed up big and even got the Irvine PD involved in the school spirit. Well done!


24. Yorba Linda Stable (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Stable showed up with another big year for the Mustangs. The social media slightly improved in the later part of the season, but with some more work on social media, the Stable should move back up like the old Stable days! This season may have set the foundation for the Stable.


25. Mater Dei of Santa Ana Den (Last Year: 19th)


The Den improved a lot in a year where the student section game improved as well. To return on this list is an accomplishment. The Den was loud and rowdy all year and it must have been hard to match the intensity on the field from one of the best teams in the country.