2019 San Diego Top 25 Football Student Section Rankings

The student section game has improved drastically and the San Diego improved in showing off their student section in 2019.

While we moved from a Top 20 Ranking to a Top 25 Ranking list, we added five new student sections to the list, but three more student sections make the list this year after missing out last year.

The student section game was strong this year that we have to recognize five other student sections that barely missed the cut. Student Sections like Hilltop of Chula Vista, Coronado, Montgomery of San Diego, San Pasquel of Escondido and La Jolla Country Day were noticed and it hurts to not add them on the Top 25.

What helped in making the Top 25 this year is Social Media. What might be a must for the Student Section game to work is promoting your school spirit every week on social media. Consistency is key and so is being positive and being smart. Avoiding a chant or putting up a sign that could be offensive that could hurt your student section, your school and community is a must. Luckily, we didn’t see much of that this year.

Now, out of all the SoCal Regions, I tend to have a hard time figuring out the Student Sections in San Diego with the exception of a couple dozen, so I asked for help from some of San Diego finest football guys and I thank them for their input.

Most of these student sections rocked the social media game and we expect more student sections to market themselves in the future. Let’s reward these student sections and name a San Diego Student Section of the Year. Rinse and repeat.



1. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (Last Year: 1st)



We have a Student Section Dynasty on our hands.

There was a moment where the four student sections behind them battled for this spot, but the Loud Crowd showed up on social media and shared their insane ideas while letting everyone know that there is no empty spot in the Loud Crowd section of the stadium. The streamers were a weekly thing and the Loud Crowd came up with great ideas. The Week 10 SoCal Student Section of the Week Champs also had a reason to go wild as their Lancers came close from taking a CIF title.

While Carlsbad came a touchdown short, The Loud Crowd will be taking a title for the third straight year in a row as they are the 2019 San Diego Football Student Section of the Year.


2. San Marcos Blue Crew (Last Year: 5th)


The Blue Crew social media game was huge and they showed off their school spirit and craziness in the stands. Despite a tough year for the Knights, the Blue Crew showed up and went wild. While not taking a SoCal Student Section of the Week title, they got recognized as a finalist several times. They came very close from taking the top spot in San Diego this football season.


3. Mission Hills of San Marcos Growl Crowd (Last Year: 8th)


Growl Crowd improved their social media game this season and the reward was the Week 2 SoCal Student Section of the Week title. The Grizzlies improved this season, which means the Growl Crowd had plenty to go growl about. BIg year for Mission Hills!


4. Cathedral Catholic of San Diego Los Locos (Last Year: 3rd)


Los Locos showed up again, but what propelled them was their homecoming game was off the hook. Fireworks and flames makes sense as the Dons and Los Locos spit that hot fire this season.


5. St. Augustine of San Diego Saints Pit (Last Year: 4th)


This is a crazy student section that showed up for their brothers. A fantastic season for the Saints means a fantastic student section showing from the Pit.


6. Torrey Pines of San Diego Chaos (Last Year: 2nd)


It was a challenging season for the Falcons, but the Chaos showed their love and support for Torrey Pines. The Chaos social media game showed up this season and proved every that they’re on top of their game again.


7. Poway Titan Terrors (Last Year: 9th)


The Titan Terrors rocked the stands and showed it off on the internets. With another big season from the Titans, the Poway student section enjoyed the show on the field.


8. Rancho Bernardo of San Diego Stampede (Last Year: 12th)

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The sea of blue stampeded into the stands this season in another seven win season. This student section improved in the stands and on social media.


9. Oceanside Ship (Last Year: 15th)

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The Ship got to see the Pirates take ‘the Ship’ and we got to see this student section go crazy all season. Oceanside is addicted to winning on the field and in the stands.


10. Lincoln of San Diego Hive (Last Year: 14th)


The Hive moved into the Top 10 thanks to word of mouth. With a solid squad on the field, you can expect a solid squad in the stands.


11. La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad Stampede Last Year: 6th)


The Stampede rocked the stands at every home game. While we saw bits and pieces of them on social media, an improvement in marketing is needed, but this student section brought the noise and/or the funk for the Mavs!


12. El Camino of Oceanside Jungle (Last Year: 20th)


The Jungle showed signs of life and improved this season. Social Media improved, but I was hoping for more. That might be because I’m rooting for them. Regardless, the Jungle let everyone know that they are a crazy group for the Champs!


13. Helix of La Mesa Dawghouse (Last Year: 11th)


While this student section is always strong, the Dawghouse used to be at the top, especially with social media, but nevertheless, this student section rocks it in the stands and more so this season. The rewards for showing their support has been received with an Open Division title.


14. Grossmont of El Cajon Foothillers Last Year: 13th)


This student section once again showed their support for the Foothillers as they went to the quarterfinals again. Despite a winning record or not, this student section packs the stands. If their marketing game improves next season, they will move up.


15. Scripps Ranch of San Diego Cage (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Cage saw an undefeated squad in the regular season and enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully this continues next season and fans can see it on social media.


16. Henry of San Diego Hooligans (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Patriots improved this season and with improvement comes more support and the Henry Hooligans fit the name. These crazy kids also improved on their social media game this season.


17. Mt. Carmel of San Diego Red Sea (Last Year: 24th)

The Red Sea has always been a can’t miss Student Section and after showing their love and support to the Sundevils, the reward came with an improved season and a playoff berth. This student section always shows up!

18. Eastlake of Chula Vista Titan Army (Last Year: 7th)


Despite Eastlake getting off to a slow start, the Titan Army still showed up for their Titans. An improvement in their social media game next year can boost them up the rankings.


19. Steele Canyon of Spring Valley Cougar Den Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Cougars caught fire this season and it became an attraction for this Student Section. Hopefully they can mix in social media work and climb up the charts next season!


20. Central of El Centro Crazies (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Another big year for the Grizzlies, but one thing I kept asking is if the Student Section is as intense as their band. If so, that’s must be insane to see in the stands. Hopefully they can market themselves next season.


21. Madison of San Diego Nest (Last Year: 10th)


With a football team named the Warhawks, you have to come in and match that intense name and the Nest did that while supporting said Warhawks. 

22. Classical Academy of Escondido Calmans (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Although it is a small Student Section, Classical Academy made up for it with loud cheers and craze outfits. Social media is a tough task, but you can still see them pop up while showing off their school spirit. It didn’t go unnoticed.


23. Brawley Den (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Brawley social media is quiet, but word of mouth is not quiet and all I heard was that this is a fantastic Student Section. When you have a consistent winner on the field, you tend to fill those seats!


24. Vista Panthers Pit (Last Year: Not Ranked)


With one of the best teams in San Diego on the sideline in front of you, you’re going to pack the stands and that is what the Panther Pit did this season. 


25. Granite Hills of El Cajon Eagles Nest (Last Year: Not Ranked) 


This student section showed their support for a team that battled in a top heavy league. No matter the result Granite Hills showed off their love and school spirit.