Photo: Highland of Gilbert is your 2021 Arizona Football Student Section of the Year Champion.

It feels like yesterday when I was wondering how I could cover student sections in a state I didn’t know much about when it came to the rowdy sections.

I may not even know much about it still, but I have gotten to know some great student sections this season. Some student sections I knew from their great football programs and some I got to know as time passed on thanks to their solid social media marketing.

That’s been the biggest thing in the student section game. Social media. Showing off your student section on a consistent basis is the key to getting the best recognition this season. It is the only way we can make the student section game competitive and to give it its own platform.

Before this idea came to me in 2015, the most these student sections got was kudos and a pat on the back. While Varsity Brands had a National contest, they only could take a handful of Student Sections. We wanted to include as many as possible.

Some of these student sections we didn’t see for a while after they won the Arizona Student Section of the Week. Those student sections could have won multiple Student Section of the Week awards, but we wanted to share the wealth.

By the way, here are the Arizona Student Section of the Week winners in Arizona this football season;

(Click on the red ones for the link to read the Student Section of the Week article)

Sept. 3- Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion

Sept. 10- Basha Bear Den

Sept. 17- Millenium Jungle

Sept. 24- Notre Dame Dogpound

Oct. 1- Verrado Viper Pit

Oct. 8- Boulder Creek

Oct. 15- Casteel Stampede

Oct. 22- Queen Creek Dawgpound

Oct. 29- Liberty Uproar

Perhaps we ranked some student sections higher than they should be or we ranked them lower than they should be. Maybe we are missing a student section in our Top 40. We hope to discover more student sections in Arizona and perhaps have a Student Section representative for this state to help us be as accurate as possible.

If you feel you can be of service and help us out in the great state of Arizona, message Student Section Report on Instagram (@studentsectrep) or on Twitter (@StudentSectRep). Be part of this revolutionary game. Perhaps you can help us with the Volleyball Student Sections as well or the Basketball or Soccer Student Sections, as well as the school year continues.

And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 Arizona Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Highland of Gilbert
Highland Student Section.

This loud and rowdy stood out with the best of the best in Arizona. Unique themes against quality teams. This student section was ready this season and supported their Hawks and their tough schedule and for that, Highland is the Arizona Football Student Section of the Year.

“Hola, que pasa, Hawks en la casa!” Highland said in a statement.

  1. Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale
The Chaparral Birdcage. Photo Credit/Instagram: @slm_images

The Birdcage was electric. They packed the stands and were savages in the stands, especially against their rivals in the Battle for Shea Blvd. The Birdcage was a nominee for Student Section of the Week several times. We noticed them all season.

“Chaparral has one of the loudest student sections,” The Birdcage said in a statement. “Simply because we love our athletes. Win or lose, they always put on a great game and it’s easy to cheer for a team when they put their heart and soul into every game.”

  1. Saguaro Zoo of Scottsdale
Saguaro Zoo.

When we began covering student sections in Arizona, many people had a lot of hype for the Zoo and now we know why. This is a crazy student section that packed the stands, especially when they beat one of Southern California’s best football programs.

  1. Brophy Prep Stampede of Phoenix
Brophy Prep Stampede.

Like the Birdcage, this student section was noticed a lot by us as we nominated them for student section of the week several times. The Stampede tramped the competition this season.

  1. Chandler Blue Crew 

The Blue Crew was noticed a lot on social media and when they weren’t noticed on social media, word of mouth played its part. Many people felt the Blue Crew was a legit student section week in and week out.

  1. Desert Mountain Wolfden of Scottsdale
Desert Mountain Wolfden.

One of my favorite student sections to watch on social media. This was a large and rowdy student section that was there for their football team no matter what.

“We have the best support systems,” the Wolfden said in a statement. “No one can beat the Desert Mountain Family. Fantastic start to this year and can’t wait for the rest of the year…we’re just getting started. #FCWS

  1. Liberty Uproar of Peoria
Liberty Uproar.

Uproar is a fantastic student section no matter what sport they’re supporting. Great social media work that showed great school spirit. They’re another favorite of mine.

  1. Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix

The Crazies were just that, crazy! They showed up every week and we’re a finalist for Student Section of the Week many times this season. People said the Crazies were a student section to lookout for and they were right!

  1. Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion of Tucson
Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion.

The first-ever Arizona Student Section of the Week packed the stands and went wild. When you have one of the best football programs in Tucson, you have every reason to go crazy!

  1. Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek
Casteel Stampede.

Casteel is a solid student section that knew how to show off their school spirit on social media. They had every right to show off their amazing school spirit.

“We are so proud of how much the Stampede has improved this year,” The Stampede said in a statement. “Our student section was amazing this season and it’s all because of the colts who showed up and supported our team!”

  1. Hamilton of Chandler
Hamilton Student Section.

When you have one of the best football programs in the country, you would go wild too and that is what the Hamilton student section did this season!

  1. Boulder Creek of Anthem
Boulder Creek.

One of our student section of the week winners, Boulder Creek was a word of mouth and once I saw them, I was sold. This is a fantastic student section.

  1. Desert Edge of Goodyear
Desert Edge Student Section.

I believe Desert Edge noticed us near the end of the season because we kept seeing them more and more. This student section will be ranked higher this winter I’m sure of it.

  1. Notre Dame Dogpound of Scottsdale
Notre Dame Dogpound.

This is one of my favorite student sections. They may be a small group, but they definitely make up for their amazing school spirit!

  1. Basha Bear Den of Chandler
Basha Bear Den.

The Bear Den had plenty to cheer about as their Bears are undefeated. This rowdy student section is a perfect match with their football team.

  1. Queen Creek Dawgpound 
Queen Creek Dawgpound.

The Dawgpound showed up early to win the Student Section of the Week. Their social media shows just how amazing they are in the stands. Loud and proud!

  1. Verrado Viper Pit of Buckeye
Verrado Viper Pit.

The Viper Pit found us and showed us just how great their student section is. The Pit poison is deadly if you mess with them.

  1. Corona Del Sol Tribe of Tempe
Corona del Sol Tribe.

The Tribe was consistent, but showed up everywhere to show their loud support for their Aztecs. This is another favorite student section of mine.

  1. Horizon Dawgpound of Scottsdale

The Dawgpound was loud and proud this season as they had plenty to cheer about this season.

  1. Cactus of Glendale

Cactus had an undefeated season and that gave their student section all the reason to go nuts in the stands.

(Arizona Student Sections that made the Top 21-40)

  1. Millennium Jungle of Goodyear
Millennium Jungle.
  1. Higley Knightmare of Gilbert
The Higley Knightmare.
  1. Desert Vista Storm Troopers of Phoenix
The Desert Vista Storm Troopers.
  1. Williams Field Red Rage of Gilbert
Williams Field Red Rage.
  1. Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa
  2. Perry of Gilbert
  3. Centennial of Peoria
  4. Desert Ridge of Mesa
  5. O’Connor of Phoenix
  6. Casa Grande
  7. Agua Fria of Avondale
Agua Fria Student Section.
  1. Valley Vista of Surprise
  2. Cactus Shadows of Scottsdale
  3. Willow Canyon of Surprise
  4. Paradise Honors of Surprise
  5. American Leadership Academy of Gilbert
American Leadership Academy Student Section.
  1. Show Low
  2. Arcadia Chaos of Phoenix
  3. Yuma Catholic
  4. Poston Butte of Sun Tan Valley