It feels like yesterday when I was wondering how I could cover student sections in a state I didn’t know much about when it came to the rowdy sections.

I may not even know much about it still, but I have gotten to know some great student sections this season. Some student sections I knew from their great football programs and some I got to know as time passed on thanks to their solid social media marketing.

That’s been the biggest thing in the student section game. Social media. Showing off your student section on a consistent basis is the key to getting the best recognition this season. It is the only way we can make the student section game competitive and to give it its own platform.

Before this idea came to me in 2015, the most these student sections got was kudos and a pat on the back. While Varsity Brands had a National contest, they only could take a handful of Student Sections. We wanted to include as many as possible.

Some of these student sections we didn’t see for a while after they won the Oregon Student Section of the Week. Those student sections could have won multiple Student Section of the Week awards, but we wanted to share the wealth.

By the way, here are the Oregon Student Section of the Week winners in Oregon this football season;

(Click on the red ones for the link to read the Student Section of the Week article.)

Sept. 3- Lakeridge

Sept. 10- Sunset

Sept. 17- Beaverton

Sept. 24- Mazama Loud Crowd

Oct. 1- Sherwood

Oct. 8- Tigard Tiger Army

Oct. 15- Sprague Super Fans

Oct. 22- Southridge

Oct. 29- West Salem Titans Mafia

Perhaps we ranked some student sections higher than they should be or we ranked them lower than they should be. Maybe we are missing a student section in our Top 40. We hope to discover more student sections in Oregon and perhaps have a Student Section representative for this state to help us be as accurate as possible.

If you feel you can be of service and help us out in the great state of Oregon, message Student Section Report on Instagram (@studentsectrep) or on Twitter (@StudentSectRep). Be part of this revolutionary game. Perhaps you can help us with the Volleyball Student Sections as well or the Basketball or Soccer Student Sections, as well as the school year continues.

And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 Oregon Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Beaverton 
The 2021 Oregon Football Student Section Champions, Beaverton!

This is a savage group that loves to get in your head. The themes were as loud as the noise in the stands. This student section even let me know during the season that no one is better than them. No one could take them down this season.

The swagger worked as Beaverton is your 2021 Oregon Football Student Section of the Year!

“Stay focused and secure your bag,” Beaverton said in a statement. “Because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.”

  1. Central Catholic of Portland

I noticed this student section late in the season and I wished I saw them earlier. Loud group and they can get crazy in the stands. 

“We are so honored to make it to the Top 5,” Central Catholic said in a statement. “We are just so excited to support our sports teams in anyways possible including football. Thank you for recognizing our community.”

  1. Sprague Superfans
Allow them to reintroduce themselves, they are the Sprague Superfans!

The Superfans were honestly my preseason favorite. Great student section with a name that says confidence. I’d be confident too if I was a part of this student section.

  1. West Salem Titans Mafia
The West Salem Titans Mafia goes bananas.

Titans Mafia finished strong this season and it helped them move up in the rankings. Titans Mafia was in the middle of the herd just a few weeks ago, but when you have your mascot making an awesome enterence to the stadium, you have to move up!

“Proud of the Titans Mafia for being energetic and bringing the hype each game.” Titans Mafia said in a statement.

  1. Mazama Loud Crowd
Mazama Loud Crowd at work.

The Loud Crowd was just that, loud! Rocking blue and white, this student section got off to a great start and stayed the course.

  1. Sunset of Portland
Sunset Student Section.

Sunset jump in quick with their school spirit as we named them the student section of the Week early in the season. They stayed the course thereafter. 

  1. Bend

Bend finished strong and it propelled them with a top 10 this season. Noticed or not, they are there for their teams no matter what.

“We received the Sportsmanship trophy for the Volleyball season which was a pretty cool honor,” Bend said in a statement. “But really it’s about being there for our sports teams and community. Here at Bend High, we value tradition and we realize that it is only our turn to motivate and inspire and we can’t let that tradition fade away on our watch.”

  1. Lake Oswego Laker Nation

Laker Nation popped in here and there on social media and made up for the no pop-ins with great school spirit!

  1. Clackamas
Clackamas Student Section at work.

Clackamas was consistent and fantastic the entire year. Great student section this season.

  1. Tigard Tiger Army
The bright Tigard Tiger Army.

The Tiger Army was a middle-of-the-road student section at first, but they moved up with a great showing late in the season that got them a Top 10 finish!

  1. Lakeridge of Lake Oswego
Lakeridge Student Section.

Trivia question time. Who won the first-ever Oregon Student Section of the Week? Lakeridge. Great school spirit that was deserving of that historic moment that I’m sure we’ll see on Jeopardy one day.

  1. Tualatin
Tualatin Student Section celebrates with their football team.

Considered the top-ranked football team in Oregon, you better believe this student section has plenty to cheer for this season.

  1. Jesuit of Portland
Jesuit Student Section.

Top five football program brings in a large crowd. You have to wonder if maybe I ranked this student section too low or not. I guess I’ll find out with the aftermath.

  1. West Linn

West Linn student section followed their amazing football team and had a winning student section in the end. Monkey see, monkey do!

  1. Summit of Bend
The Summit Student Section loves their football team.

No matter what sport, this student section shows up! They are big during soccer and volleyball games, but you can bet it is no different during football games.

  1. Sherwood
Sherwood Student Section with their football team.

Sherwood not only has great school spirit, but they look out for others and are caring. Good things happen to good people and that’s is why they were one of the Student Sections of the Week.

  1. Westview Cat Pack of Portland

Fantastic football team which means a fantastic student section. I’m not assuming, other student sections have said just how good they are.

  1. South Salem

It was hard to not spot this student section on social media throughout the whole season. Great school spirit.

  1. Southridge of Beaverton
Southridge loves their football team!

Southridge took one of the last Student Section of the Week titles during the end of the regular football season.

  1. Douglas of Portland
David Douglas Student Section cheers on their team.

When this student section showed up, it was noticeable. Trust me, I noticed it when I saw this student section in the zone. 

(Oregon Student Sections that made the Top 21-40)

  1. Marshfield Loud Crowd of Coos Bay 
The Marshfield Loud Crowd
  1. Newberg
The Newberg football team rings the Bell in front of their fans.
  1. Sandy
Sandy Student Section.
  1. South Medford
  2. Wilsonville
  3. Glencoe of Hillsboro
  4. Barlow of Gresham 
  5. Cascade of Turner
  6. Banks
  7. Canby
  8. North Medford
  9. Warrenton 
  10. Siuslaw of Florence
  11. Mountainside of Beaverton 
  12. Silverton
  13. McNary of Keizer
  14. Sheldon of Eugene
  15. Marist of Eugene
  16. West Albany 
  17. Mountain View of Bend