The 2021 San Diego Student Section Champion, the Mt. Carmel Red Sea.

And now we are at our home base of student sections on this website. When I began student section coverage in 2014, it was solely for Orange County, but that changed in 2016 when the old sports website SoCal Sidelines extended its coverage. Thus, beginning my journey in covering San Diego Student Sections. This continued after SoCal Sidelines was no more and the beginning of the Student Section Report.

This year has to be the deepest San Diego has been in school spirit as far as how many fantastic student sections there were. I’d have to say 9-10 student sections had a say for the top spot.

As we look back, here are a list of the past winners (the ones highlighted in red have links from the past Rankings that year);

2016: Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa

2017: Carlsbad Loud Crowd

2018: Carlsbad Loud Crowd

2019: Carlsbad Loud Crowd

2020: N/A

The Carlsbad Loud Crowd has had a dynasty on their hands, but will they go for a fourth straight student section title? Or will someone dethrone them?

We extended our Rankings from a Top 20 to a Top 25 to a Top 40!

Even with extra student sections on the list, we still have five student sections that missed the cut, here are the five Honorable Mentions;



Santa Fe Christian of Solana Beach

Southwest of El Centro

Granite Hills Eagles Nest of El Cajon

Hopefully we’ll see them make the list. Who knows maybe we extend to a Top 50.

And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 San Diego Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego (2019 Ranking: 17th)
The 2021 San Diego Student Section Champion, the Mt. Carmel Red Sea.

The Red Sea not only got a lot better this season, but they were over the top this year! Of course, they rock the Red Sea like nobodies business!  

The insane rowdy and much improved student section is on top after dethroning the defending champs of the last  three years. The Mt. Carmel Res Sea is the 2021 San Diego Football Student Section Champions!

“We are so grateful to be San Diego Football Student Section Champions,” the Red Sea said in a statement. “We want to thank our advisor Mr. Carvajal, and Principal Magno for guiding us to have the most positive and supportive student section. We also of course would like to thank all of the students who constantly bring the hype and help us set the pace with all of our positive chants. We want to give a shout-out to our A.S.B. who works many hours to make this program what it is. We are honored to have won this title and this is just another outstanding reminder of why it is GREAT to be a Sundevil!”

  1. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (2019: 1st)
Carlsbad Loud Crowd.

The Loud Crowd was once again on point this season. The flairs was just the tipping point as the Loud Crowd packed the stands and went wild. While they couldn’t get the four-peat, they’re still a student section you don’t want to mess with.

 “We want to thank the staff, our amazing teacher who none of this would have been possible without, Senor Riccitelli, and to Kevin and Tom,” the Loud Crowd said in a statement. “The energy is all credit to the students who show up every game a show their CBAD spirit and their support. We are so fortunate to have an amazing football team, it creates an insane atmosphere that is unforgettable. Always #bleedpurple

  1. Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego (2019: 8th)
Rancho Bernardo Stable.

The Stable made some big improvements and battled for the top spot in San Diego the entire year. The leaders of the Stable hyped up the squad and did a terrific job!

“I think that with the great group of seniors and the rest of the student section,” the Stable said in a statement. “We were able to lead our section in a positive direction and the spirit was better than we’ve ever seen at RB. Special shoutout to our ASB director, Michelle Jacoby, because she’s let us do so much crazy stuff to make our spirit better. Without her and our amazing students, none of this would have been possible.”

  1. Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego (2019: 16th)
Patrick Henry Hooligans.

The Hooligans improved so much this season. They were consistent on social media and showed up to packed the stands home or away! The Hooligans invaded everywhere they went! What a year!

“Our students came into a year not knowing how our student section would look after being apart for so long,” the Hooligans said in a statement. “With the help from ASB and seniors leading the way we had some of the largest crowds in PHHS history. We even had to move into a larger area because we outgrew our old section. New chants, decorations, and tailgating got more students involved than ever before. Henry pride has never been stronger!”

  1. Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego (2019: 4th)
The Cathedral Catholic Los Locos.

Los Locos was eager to return to the stands and they rocked it this season. They had the goal of uniting everyone and they succeeded.

“After a really tough year for our school community,” Los Locos leader Emily Abts said in a statement. “We made it our goal to lift the spirits of all parents, teachers, and especially students. This year is the best our student section has ever been in the history of Cathedral and it’s been so incredible to see the great results of our hard work. So much effort goes into every single game and our leaders are so awesome. We plan to bring the energy to the CIF Finals on Saturday 11/21 and take home the W. God Bless and Roll Dons!!!!”

  1. Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos (2019: 3rd)
Mission Hills Growl Crowd.

The Growl Crowd stayed the course as one of San Diego’s best! This loud and large student section can also get savage at you, so beware!

“We’re honored to be listed in the Top 10 Student sections,” the Growl Crowd said in a statement. “We know San Diego is a very competitive region for this honor. We thank all the students and staff for contributing to our Growl Crowd and making it an awesome football season.”

  1. St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego (2019: 5th)

It was a tough year for the St. Augustine football team, but the Saints Pit showed tremendous support! By the way, wait until you see the Pit during basketball season!

“The Pit is all about supporting our brothers,” the Saints Pit said in a statement. “Win or lose, and we’re looking forward to taking our hype and spirit into the winter sports season.”

  1. San Marcos Blue Crew (2019: 2nd)
San Marcos Blue Crew.

The Knights had a tough season, but this is the Blue Crew! They’re a solid student section! One of the best in San Diego over the last few years! 

“Blue Crew does it better,” said the Blue Crew.

  1. La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad (2019: 11th)
La Costa Canyon Stampede.

The Stampede worked a much better social media game and in return, we got to see what we assumed the whole time, a fantastic student section! 

“Our student section is a vital part of games by contributing to the energy of the night,” the Stampede said in a statement. “Seeing a crowd of students screaming at the top of their lungs with enthusiasm and spirit bringing our Maverick community together is a feeling like no other. No matter the outcome there’s no stopping The Stampede!”

  1. Steele Canyon Cougar Cave of Spring Valley (2019: 19th)
The Steele Canyon Cougar Cave.

The Cougar Cave we had a hard time noticing for a few years, but we finally found them on social media and they’re much better than we assumed! The Cave is a rowdy bunch!

“Our Cougar Cave is beyond excited to have made the Top 10 Student Sections in San Diego,” The Cave said in a statement. “Our goal is always to cheer on and support our sports teams in the absolute best way. We are glad to finally be back in action and hit the ground running. Up next…basketball szn👀🏀RAH RAH COUGARS🐾”

  1. Grossmont Foothillers (2019: 14th)
The Grossmont Foothillers.

Grossmont has always been great, but I had a hard time looking for them on social media in the past, but that’s all changed! It’s still the same amazing Foothillers student section!

  1. El Camino Jungle of Oceanside (2019: 12th)
The El Camino Jungle.

The Jungle is a fantastic student section! They go wild in the stands! They deserve to show off their school spirit on a regular basis on social media. It’s a great student section!

  1. Torrey Pines Cardinal CHAOS (2019: 6th)

The CHAOS is always chaotic, but I felt it wasn’t the same crazy group. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I just have high standards for the CHAOS? Either way, CHAOS always rocks it!

  1. Poway Titan Terror (2019: 7th)
Poway Titan Terrors.

Titan Terror shows up big every week! Consistent and fantastic student section.

  1. Oceanside Ship (2019: 9th)

The Ship shows up. We have to assume they rocked it once again, social media is still iffy, but we know they rock it in the stands!

  1. University City Roman Legion of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
University City Roman Legion.

Roman Legion is a crazy group! Savages in the stands as well! It’s much better inside the gym!

  1. Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa (2019: 13th)

The Dawghouse is always great. Social media is missing, but every time I’m at a Helix game, it’s an event!

  1. Westview Blackhole of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)

The Blackhole got a lot better this year with social media. They showed off amazing school spirit from there classmates!

  1. Eastlake Titan Army of Chula Vista (2019: 18th)

The Titan Army showed up big this season and showed it off on social media. It is as good as advertised! Powder and all, this is a loud student section!

  1. Mater Dei Catholic  of Chula Vista (2019: Not Ranked)

The Crusaders had a fantastic football season and in return, got a fantastic student section out of it!

  1. West Hills Wolfpack of Santee (2019: Not Ranked)
  2. Bishop’s Dungeon of La Jolla (2019: Not Ranked)
  3. Central Crazies of El Centro (2019: 20th)
  4. Scripps Ranch Cage of San Diego (2019: 15th)
  5. Lincoln Hive of San Diego (2019: 10th)
  6. Vista Panther Pit (2019: 24th)
  7. San Pasquel Nest of Escondido (2019: Not Ranked)
San Pasquel Nest.
  1. Brawley Den (2019: 23rd)
Brawley Den.
  1. Mira Mesa Mecca Town of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
Mira Mesa Mecca Town.
  1. Valhalla of El Cajon (2019: Not Ranked)
  2. Madison Nest of San Diego (2019: 21st)
  3. La Jolla Country Day Jungle (2019: Not Ranked)
La Jolla Country Day Jungle.
  1. San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
  2. Montgomery Temple of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
  3. Orange Glen Patriot Pit of Escondido (2019: Not Ranked)
  4. Point Loma of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
The Point Loma Student Section.
  1. Canyon Hills of San Diego (2019: Not Ranked)
  2. Christian of El Cajon (2019: Not Ranked)
  3. Classical Academy Calman Swamp of Escondido (2019: 22nd)
Classical Academy Calman Swamp.
  1. Monte Vista of Spring Valley (2019: Not Ranked)
Monte Vista Student Section.