Man I missed this.

The home base of the Student Section Report has been SoCal since 2016. We’ve got to see amazing student sections and creative chants with odd themes. Our student section coverage started here in SoCal.

Now this doesn’t mean the end for the SoCal Football Student Section of the Year Champ, they will vote tomorrow for the West Coast National Football Student Section of the Year with the NorCal, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington Champ. Here’s who they run into tomorrow.






Here are the past SoCal Football Student Section of the Year Winners. (the ones highlighted in red have links from the past Rankings that year);

2016- Murrieta Mesa Beast

2017- Carlsbad Loud Crowd

2018- Rancho Cucamonga Rooters

2019- Los Alamitos Locos

2020- N/A

I should note that the winner of the Western National Football Student Section of the Year gets a CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER! Pretty cool, huh?

Now, we had 160 student sections that made the Top 40 in their region, so making a Top 40 for Southern California means we missed out on amazing student sections. Here are the five Student Sections that missed out on the SoCal Top 40.

St. Francis Dungeon of La Canada 

Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo

Edison MESS of Huntington Beach

Redondo Union Flock of Redondo Beach

El Toro Bullring of Lake Forest

Anyway, enough talk, let’s get to the SoCal Football Student Section Rankings.


  1. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (2019: NR)

The Red Zone was consistent and by that I mean they packed the stands every week and kept it loud as the Nighthawks gave their student section a show! The powder was a nice touch!

The Red Zone battles with some of the best in the Southwestern League and in the Inland Empire and for that, the Murrieta Valley Red Zone is the 2021 Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year!

“As we always say, ain’t no party like a Nighthawk party,” The Red Zone said in a statement. “We’re really grateful to be the Inland Empire Football Section Champions and we can’t wait to show you all what we have planned for the future! Thank you to all our incredible Nighthawks for making this happen!”

  1. Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego (2019 Ranking: NR)

The Red Sea not only got a lot better this season, but they were over the top this year! Of course, they rock the Red Sea like nobodies business!  

The insane rowdy and much improved student section is on top after dethroning the defending champs of the last  three years. The Mt. Carmel Red Sea is the 2021 San Diego Football Student Section Champions!

“We are so grateful to be San Diego Football Student Section Champions,” the Red Sea said in a statement. “We want to thank our advisor Mr. Carvajal, and Principal Magno for guiding us to have the most positive and supportive student section. We also of course would like to thank all of the students who constantly bring the hype and help us set the pace with all of our positive chants. We want to give a shout-out to our A.S.B. who works many hours to make this program what it is. We are honored to have won this title and this is just another outstanding reminder of why it is GREAT to be a Sundevil!”

  1. Los Alamitos Locos (2019 Ranking: 1st)

The Locos stayed on point and rocked it in the stands! You can see the Locos surfing, parting the Red Sea, throwing large beach balls as well as getting Loco for their Griffins! 

The Locos has a dynasty on their hands now as the Los Alamitos Locos are the 2021 Orange County Football Student Section Champions.

“Being able to support our football team in-person for the 2021 season was really special to all of our Los Al Locos,” The Loco leaders said in a statement. “Specifically our seniors. Our season featured many memorable moments such as our Los Al Locos AC/DC Back in Black game against the Edison Chargers, parting the Loco Red Sea at our pirate-themed homecoming, and raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital at our annual yellow game. The Los Al Locos brought their A-game week after week, while constantly having a great time. We are proud to be ranked with so many other talented student sections.”

  1. St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower (2019: 12th)

The Tribe was alive in 2021. In order to battle with Servite and stay on top of Mater Dei, the Braves needed the Tribe to step it up and they have done that so far. I asked St. John Bosco football coach before the season about his thoughts on the Tribe and he said they’re the best of the best. Well coach, you are right as the St. John Bosco Tribe is the 2021 Los Angeles Football Student Section of the Year.

“We try to model our student section to match the caliber of our National Champion caliber football team,” St. John Bosco coach Jason Negro said. “The Bosco brotherhood is unlike anywhere else in the country.”

  1. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (2019: 10th)

The Asylum stayed the course and kept the tradition alive as one of the best student sections in the land! This is a dynasty! The Asylum didn’t have the crazy theme this year, but they made up for it with the over-the-top chants and cheers…and drum banging!

  1. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (2019: 22nd)

The Red Wave is a party in the stands. Non-stop loud with dancing! It’s an event in itself! If their social media is a daily consistent thing, then this is a no contest! Red Wave rocks!

“Ain’t no party like a Wolfpack Party!” The Red Wave said.

  1. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (2019: 3rd)

The Loud Crowd was once again on point this season. The flairs was just the tipping point as the Loud Crowd packed the stands and went wild. While they couldn’t get the four-peat, they’re still a student section you don’t want to mess with.

 “We want to thank the staff, our amazing teacher who none of this would have been possible without, Senor Riccitelli, and to Kevin and Tom,” the Loud Crowd said in a statement. “The energy is all credit to the students who show up every game a show their CBAD spirit and their support. We are so fortunate to have an amazing football team, it creates an insane atmosphere that is unforgettable. Always #bleedpurple

  1. Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente (2019: 6th)

The Dawgpound was a powerhouse at home games, but this is what you expect from the Dawgpound. They become a distraction and a problem for opponents. You’ll always see the Dawgpound at the top of the list year after year!

“We just want to thank all the students for coming out this year,” the Dawgpound said in a srarement. “It’s all about the hype and that’s what we brought this year. The jobs is not finished because we will be bringing the Dawgpound to the basketball court!”

  1. Villa Park Black Pack (2019: 15th)

This was very close. The Black Pack traveled and traveled well on a consistent basis and they killed it at home. No brownie points for the love like the Locos, but I appreciate it! The Black Pack didn’t need gimmicks or props, it was all chants! Helps to have a solid band!

  1. Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego (2019: NR)

The Stable made some big improvements and battled for the top spot in San Diego the entire year. The leaders of the Stable hyped up the squad and did a terrific job!

“I think that with the great group of seniors and the rest of the student section,” the Stable said in a statement. “We were able to lead our section in a positive direction and the spirit was better than we’ve ever seen at RB. Special shoutout to our ASB director, Michelle Jacoby, because she’s let us do so much crazy stuff to make our spirit better. Without her and our amazing students, none of this would have been possible.”

  1. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (2019: 2nd)

The Bronco Bleacher Creatures has been one of the best in SoCal over the last several years. The student section is electric and the noise is nonstop. The social media game was a bit off this year, but Vista BBC is still crazy!

“The ‘21 fall season has come to a bittersweet ending,” The Bronco Bleacher Creatures said in a statement. “Although we are sad to conclude the season we are excited for what’s to come in the future. The electricity of having students back in the bleachers has woken a new passion for school spirit at VMHS. Coming back after COVID restrictions shut us down completely was not easy but without a doubt, our students showed up to every game ready to support and cheer their hearts out. It means the world to us to be recognized among the Top 5 Student Sections and we are looking forward to keeping the spirit and support through our upcoming seasons. What goes on behind the scenes is what keeps up going, so thank you to our students, faculty, fans, and our advisors’ Coach Rucker and Coach T.”

  1. El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange (2019: NR)

The Rowdy Rooters step it up a few notches! One of the best Road Warriors to the point where it may have been better than the home games! What a year for the Rowdy Rooters!

  1. Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego (2019: NR)

The Hooligans improved so much this season. They were consistent on social media and showed up to pack the stands home or away! The Hooligans invaded everywhere they went! What a year!

“Our students came into a year not knowing how our student section would look after being apart for so long,” the Hooligans said in a statement. “With the help from ASB and seniors leading the way we had some of the largest crowds in PHHS history. We even had to move into a larger area because we outgrew our old section. New chants, decorations, and tailgating got more students involved than ever before. Henry pride has never been stronger!”

  1. San Clemente Loud Crowd (2019: NR)

Loud Crowd at home is one of the best you’ll see! It’s a must-see in itself! It’s a party at home! If the Loud Crowd can travel, then we have a knockout for number 1! Solid student section!

  1. La Serna Kingdom of Whittier (2019: NR)

The Kingdom has always been solid, but to travel with a solid group on a Friday night on the 5 Freeway and takeover the opponent stadium is legendary! Other student sections should take notes! 

“What an incredible honor,” the Kingdom said in a statement. “La Serna’s ASB, Spirit, and Pride classes made it our mission to re-establish an inclusive and exciting atmosphere at all school events. We missed our Lancer Kingdom during distance learning and are so proud of the student body for jumping back in and being proud supporters of all of our La Serna HS extracurriculars.”

  1. JSerra Lion Nation of San Juan Capistrano (2019: 25th)

Like the Loud Crowd, Lion Nation is solid and it’s bad news for away opponents with Lion Nation parked right behind the end zone! Loud and insane, the Lion Nation can be a distraction!

  1. Rancho Cucamonga Rooters (2019: 5th)

The Rooters got off to a slow start social media-wise, but they picked it up very quickly near the end! Another fantastic season for the Rooters!

  1. Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego (2019: 11th)

Los Locos was eager to return to the stands and they rocked it this season. They had the goal of uniting everyone and they succeeded.

“After a really tough year for our school community,” Los Locos leader Emily Abts said in a statement. “We made it our goal to lift the spirits of all parents, teachers, and especially students. This year is the best our student section has ever been in the history of Cathedral and it’s been so incredible to see the great results of our hard work. So much effort goes into every single game and our leaders are so awesome. We plan to bring the energy to the CIF Finals on Saturday 11/21 and take home the W. God Bless and Roll Dons!!!!”

  1. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (2019: 9th)

The Diablo Inferno finished strong! Solid student section with great leaders! Also, they can get a bit savage on you if you try to play with fire or in this case, the Inferno!

  1. Etiwanda Red Zone (2019: NR)

The Red Zone had another fantastic year! Loud and insane, but there is a powder shortage in the city of Etiwanda.

  1. Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos (2019: 8th)

The Growl Crowd stayed the course as one of San Diego’s best! This loud and large student section can also get savage at you, so beware!

“We’re honored to be listed in the Top 10 Student sections,” the Growl Crowd said in a statement. “We know San Diego is a very competitive region for this honor. We thank all the students and staff for contributing to our Growl Crowd and making it an awesome football season.”

  1. Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita (2019: NR)

The Eagles Nest is back and I’m not just saying their return to Saddleback College. The Nest improved a lot this year and I get the feeling that they will move up in the future rankings. That deserves a Rikki Tikki Tumba!

  1. Norco Cougar Den (2019: NR)

The Cougar Den was fantastic this season, as expected, but the Den finally got social media exposure to prove that they are still a solid student section! When you have a team that went to the toughest football division in the country, it might be because your student section rattled the opponents!

  1. Irvine Frontier (2019: NR)

The Frontier had somewhat of a rebuilding year in 2019, but they’re back this season! Their home games were tremendous this season! Powder was their go-to, but watching their team go undefeated was their other go-to!

  1. Valencia Viking Nation (2019: 4th)

Viking Nation had another solid student section and they were more savage than ever. Powder and the savage post was the key. If they want to move up in 2022, maybe get another photo op. with Jeff Bezos?

“We couldn’t be more honored to hear this,” Viking Nation said after hearing that they finished in the Top 5. “Coming out of a hard year with Covid, we have had the best students and team backing us this season. Everybody was so excited for Valencia to be back. it’s been a blessing as V-Nat leaders to lead this student section. There is a lot of time and effort put in by everybody to make us who we are. Vikings do it different, and Vikings do it better.”

  1. Centennial Dawgpound of Corona (2019: 11th)

The Dawgpound was fantastic and when you have a football program like the Huskies, you will do anything to enjoy the show on the field.

  1. Summit Nest of Fontana (2019: NR)

The Nest was fantastic this season, but what propelled them to a Top 10 finish was the long road trip to South Orange County on a Friday night, traffic and all. That’s commitment!

  1. St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego (2019: 19th)

It was a tough year for the St. Augustine football team, but the Saints Pit showed tremendous support! By the way, wait until you see the Pit during basketball season!

“The Pit is all about supporting our brothers,” the Saints Pit said in a statement. “Win or lose, and we’re looking forward to taking our hype and spirit into the winter sports season.”

  1. Foothill Dungeon of Santa Ana (2019: NR)

The Dungeon improved a lot this year. They worked a solid social media game and it paid off as we all got to see how amazing they are!

  1. San Marcos Blue Crew (2019: 7th)

The Knights had a tough season, but this is the Blue Crew! They’re a solid student section! One of the best in San Diego over the last few years! 

“Blue Crew does it better,” said the Blue Crew.

  1. Warren Cave of Downey (2019: NR)

The Cave rocked it this season, no pun intended. They enjoyed a fantastic season from their team and made the best of it with their cheers in the stands.

“The Cave is the embodiment of Warren pride, spirit and camaraderie.” ASB Director Jay Waldron said.

  1. La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad (2019: NR)

The Stampede worked a much better social media game and in return, we got to see what we assumed the whole time, a fantastic student section! 

“Our student section is a vital part of games by contributing to the energy of the night,” the Stampede said in a statement. “Seeing a crowd of students screaming at the top of their lungs with enthusiasm and spirit bringing our Maverick community together is a feeling like no other. No matter the outcome there’s no stopping The Stampede!”

  1. West Covina Bulldog Nation (2019: NR)

Bulldog Nation leaders were amazing this year, but the rest of the student section was just as solid! The Kings of Cameron doesn’t only go to the football team, Bulldog Nation deserves that honor as well!

“This year has really been motivating as after Covid we didn’t think we would have as high of a student section, but we were surprised as we were really spirited. We are hopefully going to carry this in to other sports!” Bulldog Nation said in a statement.

  1. Steele Canyon Cougar Cave of Spring Valley (2019: NR)

The Cougar Cave we had a hard time noticing for a few years, but we finally found them on social media and they’re much better than we assumed! The Cave is a rowdy bunch!

“Our Cougar Cave is beyond excited to have made the Top 10 Student Sections in San Diego,” The Cave said in a statement. “Our goal is always to cheer on and support our sports teams in the absolute best way. We are glad to finally be back in action and hit the ground running. Up next…basketball szn👀🏀RAH RAH COUGARS🐾”

  1. Palm Desert Aztec Army (2019: 16th)

The Aztec Army once again was above the rest in the Valley! They won the Flag against La Quinta and they won one of the SoCal Student Section of the Week awards! Another successful season for the Army 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have made Top 10,” The Aztec Army said in a statement. “We cannot wait to continue bringing the hype to our student sections! Keep an eye out for us during basketball season!”

  1. Downey Viking Nation (2019: NR)

Viking Nation came up big this year on social media and it paid off! Loud and large student section as Downey has another great season! 

  1. Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills (2019: 15th)

The Warzone is consistent. It’s tough to get recognition when you have one of the best football teams in SoCal! Hoping to see more of them on social media!

  1. Millikan Mob of Long Beach (2019: NR)

The Mob came into the student section scene big this season with a strong social media game. Now we see just how awesome the Mob is!

“Well seeing as we just came out of a pandemic, we really wanted to make sure that all of our students were engaged and happy to be at Millikan,” the Mob said in a statement. “Our goal was to support the football team and make sure everyone had a good time, and out students DELIVERED!!! I’m also a sophomore, so this was all very new to me, but they responded so well and helped me feel connected to school after the pandemic as well. It was truly amazing to see such a diverse group of people come together to support our amazing football team.”

  1. Grossmont Foothillers (2019: NR)

Grossmont has always been great, but I had a hard time looking for them on social media in the past, but that’s all changed! It’s still the same amazing Foothillers student section!

  1. Salesian Heart Stampede Crazies of Los Angeles (2019: NR)

The Salesian Stampede and the Sacred Heart Comet Crazies teamed up to make a mega student section! This is a fantastic group, but beware, you will drown in baby powder!

“Our school spirit at Salesian is like no other, win or lose, rain or shine,” ASB President Michael Franco. “We support one another and look to lift each other up!”