What a season! Football and Student Section season!

I knew I was in for a challenge this season when I, a one-man show, decided to expand from Southern California and expand our student section coverage to five more state, plus dividing California into two, Northern Cal and SoCal.

Now we had some help with the advice from couple of people and to those two people, we thank you!

We had six Top 40 Rankings, including four Top 40 Rankings in the SoCal region (San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles). That’s 340 student sections that were ranked in their respected regions.

We had a vote to see who would represent the SoCal region followed by the Best of the West Football Student Section region and with over 6,000 votes, the Best of the West Football Student Section title went to the Murrieta Valley Red Zone from the SoCal region.

Now, with the Top 50 in the Western Rankings, five fantastic student sections missed the cut. With so many amazing student sections it was tough to keep them out of the Top 50. Heck, there were so many great ones that didn’t get to be in the Top 50, but here are the five that missed the cut;

Clovis (NorCal)

Bellevue (Washington)

Menlo-Atherton 12th Man (NorCal)

Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego (SoCal)

San Clemente Loud Crowd (SoCal)

Some student sections weren’t too thrilled with their ranking in their state, but once again, this is our first year covering some of these states, so please understand how tough it was to find and grade every student section.

Thankfully, we will have Student Section State representatives in most of these states, including the Southern states which we will begin covering next week.

This is going to be tough covering 20 states, but it is all worth it in the end. Student Sections deserve to be recognized for all their hard work. The competition to go along with the endless memories created by the students will be something you’ll never forget. I wish we had this when I was a student, but at the time, MySpace had just started, so social media marketing wasn’t really a thing. Now, you can show off your school spirit all over the country.

If a student section from Florida can be impressed or show respect to a student section in Washington, then the stress and endless work we’re doing here is totally worth it.

To all the student sections, thank you so much for partaking in something that is going to be revolutionary. You all made this happen. Let’s keep making this thing growing and growing!

Anyway, enough talk, let’s check out the Top 50 Football Student Sections in the Western United States before we head to the Winter sports!


  1. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (Region: SoCal)


2. Bothell Blue Train (Washington)

The Blue Train chugged along the entire season. It was a sea of blue all season. The props and loud noises were endless, especially at the home games. When you have one of the best football teams in the state, you’re going to go wild.

For their consistency and craziness, the Bothell Blue Train is your 2021 Washington Football Student Section of the Year!

“Bothell student section is the best because we always make it a good time during the games win or lose,” the Blue Train said in a statement. “We are all like one big family who supports each other, we have each other’s backs and we are just happy to be there with all the hype in the world! We show up and we show them how it’s done and we keep on truckin all the way. Build belong become Bothell! (They hate us cause they ain’t us)”

  1. Del Oro Blackhole of Loomis (NorCal)

The Blackhole was phenomenal this year. Fantastic football team and I felt like the student section had moments like that we were better than the team.

For their consistency of being a powerhouse in the stands, the Del Oro Blackhole is the Northern California Football Student Section of the Year!

“I just wanted to say that what the rest of the leaders and I have accomplished with the student section this year has been monumental,” Blackhole leader Taitum Carter said. “Our school has had spirit in the past, but not quite like this before. We’ve all spent lots of time brainstorming game ideas or other ways we can bring more spirit to our various events and it has certainly paid off. I love being a leader because I care about our students having fun. I want the freshmen to be able to come to the games and look forward to the rest of the time they have at Del Oro.”

4. Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson (Nevada)

The Patriot Pit got off to a roaring start and has stayed the course! Loud and large student section for one of Nevada’s best football teams! Fantastic school spirit at Liberty!

“The success of Patriot Pit wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement, spirited culture fostered at our school,” the Patriot Pit said in a statement. “Every week our students show up and show out full of Patriot pride! Thank you for all the support this year from our community! This wouldn’t be possible without all of you!”

  1. Highland Farrel Fanatics of Gilbert (Arizona)

This loud and rowdy stood out with the best of the best in Arizona. Unique themes against quality teams. This student section was ready this season and supported their Hawks and their tough schedule and for that, Highland is the Arizona Football Student Section of the Year.

“Hola, que pasa, Hawks en la casa!” Highland said in a statement.

  1. Beaverton (Oregon) 

This is a savage group that loves to get in your head. The themes were as loud as the noise in the stands. This student section even let me know during the season that no one is better than them. No one could take them down this season.

The swagger worked as Beaverton is your 2021 Oregon Football Student Section of the Year!

“Stay focused and secure your bag,” Beaverton said in a statement. “Because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.”

  1. Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego (SoCal)

The Red Sea not only got a lot better this season, but they were over the top this year! Of course, they rock the Red Sea like nobodies business!  

The insane rowdy and much improved student section is on top after dethroning the defending champs of the last  three years. The Mt. Carmel Red Sea is the 2021 San Diego Football Student Section Champions!

“We are so grateful to be San Diego Football Student Section Champions,” the Red Sea said in a statement. “We want to thank our advisor Mr. Carvajal, and Principal Magno for guiding us to have the most positive and supportive student section. We also of course would like to thank all of the students who constantly bring the hype and help us set the pace with all of our positive chants. We want to give a shout-out to our A.S.B. who works many hours to make this program what it is. We are honored to have won this title and this is just another outstanding reminder of why it is GREAT to be a Sundevil!”

  1. Los Alamitos Locos (SoCal)

The Locos stayed on point and rocked it in the stands! You can see the Locos surfing, parting the Red Sea, throwing large beach balls as well as getting Loco for their Griffins! 

The Locos has a dynasty on their hands now as the Los Alamitos Locos are the 2021 Orange County Football Student Section Champions.

“Being able to support our football team in-person for the 2021 season was really special to all of our Los Al Locos,” The Loco leaders said in a statement. “Specifically our seniors. Our season featured many memorable moments such as our Los Al Locos AC/DC Back in Black game against the Edison Chargers, parting the Loco Red Sea at our pirate-themed homecoming, and raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital at our annual yellow game. The Los Al Locos brought their A-game week after week, while constantly having a great time. We are proud to be ranked with so many other talented student sections.”

9. Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas (Nevada)

Running into the Gaels football isn’t the only issue you may have. You also have to deal with the G-Block. Phenomenal student section. They’re loud and rock the stands. The powder throwing is an extra touch. The craziness in the stands has given the G-Block the Nevada Football Student Section of the Year title!

  1. St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower (SoCal)

The Tribe was alive in 2021. In order to battle with Servite and stay on top of Mater Dei, the Braves needed the Tribe to step it up and they have done that so far. I asked St. John Bosco football coach before the season about his thoughts on the Tribe and he said they’re the best of the best. Well coach, you are right as the St. John Bosco Tribe is the 2021 Los Angeles Football Student Section of the Year.

“We try to model our student section to match the caliber of our National Champion caliber football team,” St. John Bosco coach Jason Negro said. “The Bosco brotherhood is unlike anywhere else in the country.”

  1. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (SoCal)

The Asylum stayed the course and kept the tradition alive as one of the best student sections in the land! This is a dynasty! The Asylum didn’t have the crazy theme this year, but they made up for it with the over-the-top chants and cheers…and drum banging!

12. Rocklin Storm (NorCal)

The Storm was a loud student section! They produced thunder in the stands, but that could be confetti or powder, we aren’t sure. Regardless, Rocklin definitely rocked it!

“We’re beyond proud of our boys and we’re so grateful that we get to support them every Friday,” The Storm said in a statement. “The Storm truly brings our community together in more ways than one. It’s amazing having the best student section and football team in all of Rocklin. The exhaustion of all the hard work us three storm leaders and our outstanding athletic leadership class put in is beyond worth it at the end of the week. We love our school and we love supporting our boys!”

  1. Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale (Arizona)

The Birdcage was electric. They packed the stands and were savages in the stands, especially against their rivals in the Battle for Shea Blvd. The Birdcage was a nominee for Student Section of the Week several times. We noticed them all season.

“Chaparral has one of the loudest student sections,” The Birdcage said in a statement. “Simply because we love our athletes. Win or lose, they always put on a great game and it’s easy to cheer for a team when they put their heart and soul into every game.”

  1. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (SoCal)

The Red Wave is a party in the stands. Non-stop loud with dancing! It’s an event in itself! If their social media is a daily consistent thing, then this is a no contest! Red Wave rocks!

“Ain’t no party like a Wolfpack Party!” The Red Wave said.

  1. Central Catholic of Portland (Oregon)

I noticed this student section late in the season and I wished I saw them earlier. Loud group and they can get crazy in the stands. 

“We are so honored to make it to the Top 5,” Central Catholic said in a statement. “We are just so excited to support our sports teams in anyways possible including football. Thank you for recognizing our community.”

  1. Saguaro Zoo of Scottsdale (Arizona)

When we began covering student sections in Arizona, many people had a lot of hype for the Zoo and now we know why. This is a crazy student section that packed the stands, especially when they beat one of Southern California’s best football programs.

  1. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (SoCal)

The Loud Crowd was once again on point this season. The flairs was just the tipping point as the Loud Crowd packed the stands and went wild. While they couldn’t get the four-peat, they’re still a student section you don’t want to mess with.

 “We want to thank the staff, our amazing teacher who none of this would have been possible without, Senor Riccitelli, and to Kevin and Tom,” the Loud Crowd said in a statement. “The energy is all credit to the students who show up every game a show their CBAD spirit and their support. We are so fortunate to have an amazing football team, it creates an insane atmosphere that is unforgettable. Always #bleedpurple

  1. Oak Ridge O-Zone of El Dorado Hills (NorCal)

The O-Zone has plenty to cheer for, but when they don’t, they still go all out. The O-Zone is energetic.

  1. Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente (SoCal)

The Dawgpound was a powerhouse at home games, but this is what you expect from the Dawgpound. They become a distraction and a problem for opponents. You’ll always see the Dawgpound at the top of the list year after year!

“We just want to thank all the students for coming out this year,” the Dawgpound said in a srarement. “It’s all about the hype and that’s what we brought this year. The jobs is not finished because we will be bringing the Dawgpound to the basketball court!”

  1. Brophy Prep Stampede of Phoenix (Arizona)

Like the Birdcage, this student section was noticed a lot by us as we nominated them for the student section of the week several times. The Stampede tramped the competition this season.

  1. Folsom Dogpack (NorCal)

The Dogpack packed the stands and barked like the dog in the middle of the night. Like the dog that barks in the middle of the night, the Dogpack was a pain in the neck for other student sections!

“Someone’s gotta have all the haters cuz we do it best 😁” the Dogpack said in a statement.

  1. Villa Park Black Pack (SoCal)

This was very close. The Black Pack traveled and traveled well on a consistent basis and they killed it at home. No brownie points for the love like the Locos, but I appreciate it! The Black Pack didn’t need gimmicks or props, it was all chants! Helps to have a solid band!

  1. Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego (SoCal)

The Stable made some big improvements and battled for the top spot in San Diego the entire year. The leaders of the Stable hyped up the squad and did a terrific job!

“I think that with the great group of seniors and the rest of the student section,” the Stable said in a statement. “We were able to lead our section in a positive direction and the spirit was better than we’ve ever seen at RB. Special shoutout to our ASB director, Michelle Jacoby, because she’s let us do so much crazy stuff to make our spirit better. Without her and our amazing students, none of this would have been possible.”

  1. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (SoCal)

The Bronco Bleacher Creatures has been one of the best in SoCal over the last several years. The student section is electric and the noise is nonstop. The social media game was a bit off this year, but Vista BBC is still crazy!

“The ‘21 fall season has come to a bittersweet ending,” The Bronco Bleacher Creatures said in a statement. “Although we are sad to conclude the season we are excited for what’s to come in the future. The electricity of having students back in the bleachers has woken a new passion for school spirit at VMHS. Coming back after COVID restrictions shut us down completely was not easy but without a doubt, our students showed up to every game ready to support and cheer their hearts out. It means the world to us to be recognized among the Top 5 Student Sections and we are looking forward to keeping the spirit and support through our upcoming seasons. What goes on behind the scenes is what keeps up going, so thank you to our students, faculty, fans, and our advisors’ Coach Rucker and Coach T.”

25. Kamiakin of Kennewick (Washington)

Well i’m not sure if their student section is called “Run.Kano” or not, but they have this savage vibe coming off of them. This student section does whatever they want to do. They are loud and take control of the game. This is a solid student section.

26. Arbor View Red Sea of Las Vegas (Nevada)

The Red Sea was fantastic this season. One of the top teams in the state can be attractive as students pack the stands. This season, it was all Aggie Red with their noise and powder! Well done guys!

“Our student section was phenomenal,” Arbor View said in a statement. “They are a very energetic bunch packed with school pride and Aggie spirit. They show up to every game ready to leave it all in the stands to make sure our Aggies pull through.”

  1. Chandler Blue Crew (Arizona)

The Blue Crew was noticed a lot on social media and when they weren’t noticed on social media, word of mouth played its part. Many people felt the Blue Crew was a legit student section week in and week out.

28. Damonte Ranch Blue Hole of Reno (Nevada)

The Blue Hole can rock indoors and outdoors! Fantastic student section with a lot of energy! Their social media game helped them move up the rankings! They love showing off their student section!

“The Blue Hole, I feel has really established itself this year as a powerhouse for being one of the top student sections in the state,” the Blue Hole said in a statement. “We love our teams and players more than anything, we just love to win.”

  1. Desert Mountain Wolfden of Scottsdale (Arizona)

One of my favorite student sections to watch on social media. This was a large and rowdy student section that was there for their football team no matter what.

“We have the best support systems,” the Wolfden said in a statement. “No one can beat the Desert Mountain Family. Fantastic start to this year and can’t wait for the rest of the year…we’re just getting started. #FCWS

  1. Liberty Uproar of Peoria (Arizona)

Uproar is a fantastic student section no matter what sport they’re supporting. Great social media work that showed great school spirit. They’re another favorite of mine.

  1. Buchanan Red Riot of Fresno (NorCal)

The Red Riot has been highly talked about by student sections from out of their county. From what I’ve seen, they’re right!

  1. Sprague Superfans (Oregon)

The Superfans were honestly my preseason favorite. Great student section with a name that says confidence. I’d be confident too if I was a part of this student section.

  1. Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix (Arizona)

The Crazies were just that, crazy! They showed up every week and we’re a finalist for Student Section of the Week many times this season. People said the Crazies were a student section to lookout for and they were right!

“Thank you to our amazing pioneer students who helped us put together this crazie student section! Go Pioneers!” the Crazies said in a statement.

  1. West Salem Titans Mafia (Oregon)

Titans Mafia finished strong this season and it helped them move up in the rankings. Titans Mafia was in the middle of the herd just a few weeks ago, but when you have your mascot making an awesome enterence to the stadium, you have to move up!

“Proud of the Titans Mafia for being energetic and bringing the hype each game.” Titans Mafia said in a statement.

  1. Clayton Valley of Concord (NorCal)

One of the best in the CIF-North Coast, the Ugly Eagles were ugly in a good way in the stands with their craziness and rowdiness!

  1. Mazama Loud Crowd (Oregon)

The Loud Crowd was just that, loud! Rocking blue and white, this student section got off to a great start and stayed the course.

  1. Jesuit Gallary Crew of Carmichael (NorCal)

The Gallery Crew is a large student section that came with a crazy amount of noise! They can battle with the best of them!

  1. Glacier Peak of Snohomish (Washington)

This is a crazy group of kids with amazing school spirit. Wintertime is sweater weather, but I saw a lot of sleeveless shirts in the stands. That’s part commitment, part crazy! Well Done! 

“We are so proud of our amazing student section.” Glacier Peak said in a statement. “Who continue to uphold our school values of being loud, being proud, and being positive. We are GP!”

  1. Turlock Dogpound (NorCal)

One of our favorites and the reason why we expanded our coverage, the Dogpound was amazing this season and on point! 

  1. Placer Goldmine of Auburn (NorCal)

The Goldmine is a crazy student section that kicked the door down to start the school year! No matter what sport, the Goldmine was in the zone this season!

41. McQueen of Reno (Nevada)

One of the Nevada Student Section of the Week winners, McQueen was consistent with their amazing school spirit. Hard to believe they had a hard time with getting kids to go to the football games and to get crazy and loud on top of that. They look like veterans.

“The spirit around McQueen has really changed this year,” McQueen said in a statement. “I have never seen so many students come out to the football games in my four years of high school. With people showing up to these games it makes McQueen way more fun and connects all the students within the school and it feels like we are all a family”

  1. Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion of Tucson (Arizona)

The first-ever Arizona Student Section of the Week packed the stands and went wild. When you have one of the best football programs in Tucson, you have every reason to go crazy!

  1. Sunset of Portland (Oregon)

Sunset jump in quick with their school spirit as we named them the student section of the Week early in the season. They stayed the course thereafter. 

  1. Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek (Arizona)

Casteel is a solid student section that knew how to show off their school spirit on social media. They had every right to show off their amazing school spirit.

“We are so proud of how much the Stampede has improved this year,” The Stampede said in a statement. “Our student section was amazing this season and it’s all because of the colts who showed up and supported our team!”

  1. Hamilton of Chandler (Arizona)

When you have one of the best football programs in the country, you would go wild too and that is what the Hamilton student section did this season!

  1. Chiawana Hawk Squad of Pasco (Washington)

Hawk Squad was solid with a fantastic showing on social media. With a UCLA commit on your team, you can bet the Hawk Squad had plenty to cheer about.

“Hawk Squad came strong this season,” the Hawk Squad said. “We are gonna continue to grow as the winter season starts!”

  1. Bend (Oregon)

Bend finished strong and it propelled them with a top 10 this season. Noticed or not, they are there for their teams no matter what.

“We received the Sportsmanship trophy for the Volleyball season which was a pretty cool honor,” Bend said in a statement. “But really it’s about being there for our sports teams and community. Here at Bend High, we value tradition and we realize that it is only our turn to motivate and inspire and we can’t let that tradition fade away on our watch.”

  1. Lake Stevens Vikings Castle (Washington)

The Vikings Castle rocked it at home and kept guard of their home with their rowdiness and loud noise. It’s no surprise that this team is undefeated.

49. El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange (SoCal)

The Rowdy Rooters step it up a few notches! One of the best Road Warriors to the point where it may have been better than the home games! What a year for the Rowdy Rooters!

  1. Boulder Creek of Anthem (Arizona)

One of our student section of the week winners, Boulder Creek was a word of mouth and once I saw them, I was sold. This is a fantastic student section.