The time has come to start ranking 50 states that we covered this football season. 

To say I’m overwhelmed with the work that comes along with this is an understatement.

We had 12 Student Section of the Week winners in North Carolina and that helped us determine who had the best Student Section and which ones wanted it more.

Just showing up in large crowds isn’t enough. It might fool other outlets that don’t cover Student Sections, but not us. We have to know how bad you want it and marketing is key. 

You will see top-notch Student Sections miss out at the top spot, but we kept saying it over and over and over again, in order to be considered number one, you have to win the Student Section of the Week title. Otherwise, what is the point of having that contest?!

I know Student Sections complain, but remember it’s thousands of Student Sections and only me. Social media is your friend if used correctly.

This is our second year covering Football Student Sections in North Carolina.

I feel like we haven’t gotten a solid grasp of South Carolina Student Sections yet, but we have noticed more Student Sections in this state, so we hope to be more accurate.

The North Carolina Football Student Section Champion will move on to Regionals in hopes to get the National Championship banner as voting will now get involved!

So, let’s see who made the list and who is the best in the Tar Heel State.


  1. Providence Day

Looking at the photos of these Student Section made me make a change when I saw Providence Day. This Student Section Charged their way to the top. I was very impressed and I wonder if they’ll impress us in Regionals and maybe Nationals. One thing is for sure, Providence Day is the 2023 North Carolina Football Student Section of the Year!

  1. Cannon Crazies

The Crazies came very close from repeating as Student Section Football State Champions. Consistent on social media and they rocked the themes. One of the best once again in North Carolina!

  1. Grimsley

Grimsley packed the stands and battled for the top spot this season. Can’t wait to see how the Winter season will fare for this Student Section.

  1. Millbrook Maniacs

The Maniacs are one of the better consistent Student Sections and it was no different during football season. The Maniacs are crazy ones in the stands!

  1. Wakefield Wackos

The Wackos get the slight edge for a Top 5 finish. It’s a party in the USA when you’re a Wakefield Wacko!

  1. Pinecrest
  1. Eastern Alamance Eagle Maniacs
  1. West Forsyth Wackos
  1. Southern Alamance Psychos
  1. C.B. Aycock
  1. Weddington
  2. Charlotte Catholic
  3. Hough
  4. Myers Park Stable
  5. Ardrey Kell Crazies
  6. Charlotte Latin
  7. New Hanover
  8. Porter Ridge
  9. Wake Forest
  10. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee
  11. Panther Creek
  12. New Bern
  13. East Forsyth 
  14. Olympic
  15. Hoggard
  16. Southern Wayne Halo
  17. Cardinal Gibbons
  18. East Lincoln
  19. AC Reynolds
  20. Butler
  21. Mallard Creek
  22. Charlotte Christian
  23. Chambers
  24. East Meckenburg
  25. Cleveland
  26. Laney
  27. Hendsonville 
  28. Shelby 
  29. North Meckenburg 
  30. Marvin Ridge

HONORABLE MENTION: Seventy-First, Rolesville, Mount Airy, Hickory, Heritage