When we began the football student section season, I didn’t expect the Murrieta Valley Red Zone to be the top dawg in the West Coast.

I didn’t expect them to be in the top half of their league when it came to student sections.

That is to be expected though as the Southwestern League is one of the best leagues when it comes to school spirit with the Great Oak Red Wave, Chaparral Green Fanatics, Temecula Valley Gold Zone, 2019-2020 Inland Empire Basketball Student Section Champs, the Murrieta Mesa Beast and the 2019 Inland Empire Football Student Section Champions, the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures in their league.

I had the Red Zone in the Top 10 in the IE, but they exceeded all my expectations. They took one of the SoCal Football Student Section of the Week titles and eventually became the Inland Empire Football Student Section Champs.

They eventually took the SoCal Football Student Section title as well, but they had one more title to claim, the Best of the West.

It was a back and forth battle with the Red Zone and the Bothell Blue Train. Both student sections rushed into the website to vote with hours left, crashing our website a few times (thanks for that!). It was a quality problem which we fixed when it came to missed votes. In the end, it was the Red Zone that snuck in for the Win!

With a fantastic football season from the Nighthawks, the Red Zone had so much to cheer for and they got their reward as the Murrieta Valley Red Zone is your 2021 Best of the West Football Student Section of the Year!


You guys are the 2021 Best of the West Football Student Section of the year! What did it take to stand out as the best in the Western USA this season?

Red Zone: The students in the Red Zone cheer everyone on. Those students gave it their all. They showed the MVHS spirit.

If you’re a top student section, your football team will take notice. What have the Nighthawks players and coaches said about your team spirit?

Red Zone: The coaches loved seeing the stands filled with school spirit. With the past year and not being able to have games, the coaches and players were excited to have a full Red Zone.

Outside of you guys, who has been the best student section you have run into?

Red Zone: Well although we are rivals, Vista Murrieta had a very spirited student section, their student sections encouraged us to work harder and build a more enthusiastic Red Zone.

The Bothell Blue Train was in a dogfight with you guys for the top spot. What are your thoughts on the Blue Train?

Red Zone: The Blue Train wanted this just as bad as we did, for that we have so much respect for them and their students. Through all the photos we’ve seen and the comments from their students, we can see how strong the Blue Train family is.

The Del Oro Blackhole, Liberty Patriot Pit, Highland Farrel Fanatics and Beaverton Beavers were in a close-run as well for the top spot in the polls. What are your thoughts on those three fantastic student sections?

Red Zone: We think these student sections are really inspiring, seeing all these students come together for the common goal of being the best and showing as much spirit as they can is incredible, its what we all dream of accomplishing.

While this is a Student Section, Advisors, Coaches, Parents and Teachers had to play a role. Who played a role for the Red Zone this year outside of your classmates?

Red Zone: The people who played the most contributing role is probably our opposing teams. They challenged us to work hard, to give our student section our all and be the best we can be. We learned from each game how we can improve and learned a lot from other schools spirit sections as well.