The 2021 Northern California Football Student Section of the Year, the Del Oro Blackhole.

It feels like yesterday when I was wondering how I could cover student sections in the other side of California, a place I didn’t know much about when it came to the rowdy sections.

I may not even know much about it still, but I have gotten to know some great student sections this season. Some student sections I knew from their great football programs and some I got to know as time passed on thanks to their solid social media marketing.

That’s been the biggest thing in the student section game. Social media. Showing off your student section on a consistent basis is the key to getting the best recognition this season. It is the only way we can make the student section game competitive and to give it its own platform.

Before this idea came to me in 2015, the most these student sections got was kudos and a pat on the back. While Varsity Brands had a National contest, they only could take a handful of Student Sections. We wanted to include as many as possible.

Some of these student sections we didn’t see for a while after they won the NorCal Student Section of the Week. Those student sections could have won multiple Student Section of the Week awards, but we wanted to share the wealth.

By the way, here are the NorCal Student Section of the Week winners this football season;

(Click on the red ones for the link to read the Student Section of the Week article)

Aug. 20- Placer Goldmine

Aug 27.- Del Oro Blackhole

Sept. 3- Rocklin Storm

Sept. 10- Turlock Dogpound

Sept. 17- Oak Ridge O-Zone

Sept. 24- Ponderosa Loud Crowd

Oct. 1- Pioneer Black Out Crew

Oct. 8- Clovis West

Oct. 15- Buchanan Red Riot

Oct. 22- Clovis

Oct. 29- Arroyo Grande Zoo

Perhaps we ranked some student sections higher than they should be or we ranked them lower than they should be. Maybe we are missing a student section in our Top 40. We hope to discover more student sections in NorCal and perhaps have a Student Section representative for this state to help us be as accurate as possible.

If you feel you can be of service and help us out in the great state of NorCal, message Student Section Report on Instagram (@studentsectrep) or on Twitter (@StudentSectRep). Be part of this revolutionary game. Perhaps you can help us with the Volleyball Student Sections as well or the Basketball or Soccer Student Sections, as well as the school year continues.

And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 NorCal Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Del Oro Blackhole of Loomis

The Blackhole was phenomenal this year. Fantastic football team and I felt like the student section had moments like that we were better than the team.

For their consistency of being a powerhouse in the stands, the Del Oro Blackhole is the Northern California Football Student Section of the Year!

“I just wanted to say that what the rest of the leaders and I have accomplished with the student section this year has been monumental,” Blackhole leader Taitum Carter said. “Our school has had spirit in the past, but not quite like this before. We’ve all spent lots of time brainstorming game ideas or other ways we can bring more spirit to our various events and it has certainly paid off. I love being a leader because I care about our students having fun. I want the freshmen to be able to come to the games and look forward to the rest of the time they have at Del Oro.”

The Del Oro Blackhole.
  1. Rocklin Storm

The Storm was a loud student section! They produced thunder in the stands, but that could be confetti or powder, we aren’t sure. Regardless, Rocklin definitely rocked it!

“We’re beyond proud of our boys and we’re so grateful that we get to support them every Friday,” The Storm said in a statement. “The Storm truly brings our community together in more ways than one. It’s amazing having the best student section and football team in all of Rocklin. The exhaustion of all the hard work us three storm leaders and our outstanding athletic leadership class put in is beyond worth it at the end of the week. We love our school and we love supporting our boys!”

The Rocklin Storm.
  1. Oak Ridge O-Zone of El Dorado Hills

The O-Zone has plenty to cheer for, but when they don’t, they still go all out. The O-Zone is energetic.

The Oak Ridge O-Zone.
  1. Folsom Dogpack

The Dogpack packed the stands and barked like the dog in the middle of the night. Like the dog that barks in the middle of the night, the Dogpack was a pain in the neck for other student sections!

“Someone’s gotta have all the haters cuz we do it best 😁” the Dogpack said in a statement.

  1. Buchanan Red Riot of Fresno

The Red Riot has been highly talked about by student sections from out of their county. From what I’ve seen, they’re right!

The Buchanan Red Riot.
  1. Clayton Valley of Concord

One of the best in the CIF-North Coast, the Ugly Eagles were ugly in a good way in the stands with their craziness and rowdiness!

  1. Jesuit Gallary Crew of Carmichael

The Gallery Crew is a large student section that came with a crazy amount of noise! They can battle with the best of them!

The Jesuit Gallary Crew.
  1. Turlock Dogpound

One of our favorites and the reason why we expanded our coverage, the Dogpound was amazing this season and on point! 

The Turlock Dogpound.
  1. Placer Goldmine of Auburn

The Goldmine is a crazy student section that kicked the door down to start the school year! No matter what sport, the Goldmine was in the zone this season!

The Placer Goldmine.
  1. Clovis

One of the best student section in not just the Fresno area, but in the CIF-CS. Clovis may get you blind with the dog and the powder roaming about!

The Clovis Student Section.
  1. Menlo-Atherton 12th Man

Menlo can pack the house and rock it as well. Both at the same time I may add! This is a solid student section!

The Menlo-Atherton 12th Man.
  1. Arroyo Grande Zoo

We get the feeling that The Zoo is still learning some things, so to be here is pretty good. The Zoo is on the rise!

The Arroyo Grande Zoo.
  1. Granite Bay Den

The Den was fantastic and one of the best in the San Joaquin Section. It is no surprise why they were nominated several times for NorCal Student Section of the Week!

The Granite Bay Den.
  1. Whitney X-Factor of Rocklin

The X-Factor is not just a creative name for a student section, it is also one of the loudest ones out there!

  1. Vista del Oro Nest of Folsom

The Nest was amazing and consistent all season! Pack stands and loud chants and noises! The Nest was nominated several times for Student Section of the Week!

The Vista del Lago Nest.
  1. De La Salle of Concord

When you have one of the best football programs in the last 30 years, you have to go crazy in the stands!

  1. Christian Brothers Nest of Sacramento

The Nest can pack the stands, normally in all blue! This is a large and very loud student section!

  1. Ponderosa Loud Crowd of Shingle Springs

The Loud Crowd won the NorCal Student Section of the Week! They can pack the stand with students and an endless amount of noise! This is a rowdy crowd!

The Ponderosa Loud Crowd.
  1. Roseville Tiger Cage

The Tiger Cage loudness and rowdiness meshed them in as one of the best in NorCal. This is a great student section!

  1. Pioneer Black Out Crew of Woodland

The Black Out Crew wanted respect and got it with their great school spirit!

The Pioneer Black Out Crew.

(Northern California Student Sections that made the Top 21-40)

  1. Clovis West of Fresno
The Clovis West Student Section.
  1. Lincoln Zoo of Stockton
The Lincoln Zoo.
  1. Woodcreek Wolfpack of Roseville
The Woodcreek Wolfpack.
  1. Clovis East of Fresno
The Clovis East Student Section.
  1. Foothill Flockers of Pleasanton
The Foothill Flockers.
  1. California of San Ramon
  2. Alisal of Salinas
The Alisal Student Section.
  1. Clovis North Stable of Fresno
The Clovis North Stable.
  1. Frontier of Bakersfield
The Frontier Student Section.
  1. Enterprise Maniacs of Redding
Enterprise Maniacs.
  1. Windsor
Windsor Student Section.
  1. San Ramon Valley 12th Man of Danville
San Ramon Valley 12th Man.
  1. Oakmont of Roseville
  2. Pleasant Grove of Elk Grove
  3. Aptos
  1. Colfax
Colfax Student Section.
  1. Gridley Dawg Squad
Gridley Dawg Squad.
  1. Rancho Cotate of Rohnert Park
  2. St. Ignatius of San Francisco
  3. Orland Blue Crew
Orland Blue Crew.