SoCal Student Section of the Week (11/27/19): Centennial Dawgpound

With the biggest game of the year, you know the Centennial Dawgpound of Corona was going to show up ready to go!

The Huskies faced St. John Bosco of Bellflower in the CIF-SS Division I semifinals and while it was a tough task on the field, the Dawgpound never quieted down as they showed their love for their football team.

The Dawgpound brought the noise and if they brought the t-shirt cannon, careful everyone. The last time I was at Centennial, my laptop almost took the fatal hit from a t-shirt that made its way to the press box!

I should have paid attention.

Rocking their school colors, the Dawgpound made a final strong impression with the Inland Empire Top 25 Football Student Section Rankings.

The Dawgpound handled the voting part and after getting 59 percent of the votes, more than the La Serna Kingdom of Whitter, Sunny Hills of Fullerton and Madison Nest of San Diego, the Centennial Dawgpound is your final SoCal Football Student Section of the Week.

We spoke with Dawgpound leader Kiana Aguan, Andy Hibbs, and Shantell Soto on what it took to take the title!

You guys are the So Cal Student Section of the Week,  beating out the La Serna Kingdom, Sunny Hills Lancer Nation and Madison Nest. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Dawgpound: We had two amazing “Hype Huskies” with Elyjah and Mele, and the rest of our team worked so hard all year for an amazing student section. There were a multitude factors that made Centennial High School stand out to be one of the best student sections in Southern California, but the primary reason is the amount of support and pride individuals have for not only our school but also for our outstanding athletic teams. 

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Dawgpound: The most memorable game this year was our Senior Night vs Norco. It was one of the last home games for the Seniors and our student section was just amazing. 

Favorite theme?

Dawgpound: Our favorite theme this whole year was the “Pink-Out” game where everyone, not just our student section but the whole stands, was covered in pink to support a cause. 

Favorite chant?

Dawgpound: Our favorite chant this year was “C’s house” and “Outta Your Mind”. C’s house because it’s a classic Centennial chant, and “Outta Your Mind” is where everyone in the stands just sings along and goes crazy.

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Dawgpound: Our least Favorite chant from the other sides of the stand is “I believe that we will Win” Because they know they’re not gonna win when it’s 49-0 Centennial. 

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Dawgpound: Outside of the best student section “Dawg Pound”, San Clemente would be the next best. They have a big student section and everybody goes all out.


  • Alexandra Nuño says:

    Cen10 definitely goes crazy, I sit front row in dawg pound every game along with the Dawg Pound leaders, and honestly we have an amazing body of students coming together every Friday, all just letting go watching some good ole football. The best part is how diverse we all are at Centennial, but in dawg pound we all become united as one voice, one crowd, one husky family to cheer on our team. Definitely one of the best memories of high school and we are all proud of how far our Cen10 Football team went, but still sad FNL 2019 is officially over. Catch us at our other sports as well and definitely next year, bringing back the hype bigger and better, ready to show 2020 what dawgpound is all about!

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